Kenya Planting Update August ’19 – You Helped Plant More Than 11,000 Trees!

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Today we’re sharing an update from our tree-planting projects in Kenya. Keep reading to find out more about the conservation sessions in the Kenyan school and how many new trees were planted.

Kenya Planting Update August '19 - You Helped Us Plant More Than 11,000 Trees. B'n'Tree in Kenya feature

The Wildlife Warrior Conservation Club

Every term, we work with our partners to conduct a conservation club in Ewaso Primary School. This is our supported school in Loisaba, Kenya (0°33’31.3″N 36°54’05.4″E). Our last update from Kenya was in December of last year.

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During each conservation session we teach about environmental topics and get students involved in fun group exercises too. It’s important that after hearing about why protecting our environment is so important, the students have the chance to get involved practically. 

Kenya Planting Update August '19 - You Helped Us Plant More Than 11,000 Trees. Growing together with BnTree
Your good work helped us donate 11,250 trees

They were really excited to plant their own trees on the school grounds. This was only made possible through our recent donation to Kenya, all thanks to your continued support.

Your good work helped us plant 11,250 trees in Kenya. How amazing is that? Let’s keep it going!  

The Conservation Club Session

The topic of this term’s Conservation Club Session was Waste Management and Recycling. The young conservationists enjoyed learning about the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The lesson took them through the direct impact that the Three R’s can have on their immediate surroundings.

Kenya Planting Update August '19 - You Helped Us Plant More Than 11,000 Trees. Students choose their spot with B'n'Tree
Learning about how the trees will grow

After the lesson, the Warriors were tasked with a fun challenge. Teams were assigned, and each group had to scavenge for recycled paper, plastic and waste around the school. Then, they had to create a useful piece of equipment with everything they’d found.

With some friendly competition, the students managed to come up with all sorts of interesting ideas. There were flower vases and irrigation systems, paper mâché waste bins and even water filters. It was amazing to see how innovative they are.

Afterwards, it was time for the highlight of the session: planting their own trees. They were able to do this because you used B’n’Tree in the past, and that helps us plant trees in Keyna.

What Are Seedballs?

We haven’t spoken too much about seedballs in the past. Seedballs are exactly what they sound like – tree seeds wrapped in charcoal to make a ball. The charcoal contains all of the nutrients that the seed needs to germinate and grow its first roots. Once the first rains arrive, the seeds start to grow.

Kenya Planting Update August '19 - You Helped Us Plant More Than 11,000 Trees. Protecting the trees with B'n'Tree
Making sure the trees are planted in the perfect place

The survival rate of seedballs in the wild is around 50%. But, thanks to the love and care the students of Ewaso Primary School show the trees on their school grounds, the survival rate increases to about 80%. 

We plant at least two (usually more) per booking, so that we have the best possible chance of successfully planting new, healthy trees in Kenya. This ensures that at least one tree will grow old because of your reservation with B’n’Tree.

Help Us to Continue To Plant Trees In Kenya

We have an agreement with Ewaso Primary School that the young students continue to look after and take care of their trees. This strengthens the positive bond with tree-planting, and as we mentioned above, gives the trees a much-increased survival rate. Everybody wins.

Kenya Planting Update August '19 - You Helped Us Plant More Than 11,000 Trees. Happy eco warriors with B'n'Tree
All smiles as the trees were planted on school grounds

With every update from our partners around the world, we’re sharing more great news about how many trees you’ve helped us plant and the positive impact that our work has. Local people get a safe and stable income, there’s less carbon in the air and the next generation have a valuable environmental education. But we need you to keep up the awesome work and help us plant more.

You’ve already signed up to our newsletter GROW by now. Right? Right..? So make sure that your family, friends, colleagues and your dog are all signed up too. We’ll plant a tree – for free – when you sign up to hear about our exciting announcements.

And, if you’d like to find out more about where we plant trees in Kenya and why, check out our Reforesting Kenya article.

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What do you think about the work our partners are doing around the world? Is there anything else you think the Conservation Club should be focusing on? How could you help us to plant more trees in Kenya?

Leave a comment to let us know what you think, or join in on our Facebook conversation about the trees we plant in Kenya. We’ll have another tree-planting update for you soon.


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