Koncept Hotels Joins B’n’Tree to Help Plant Trees – One Tree Planted Per Direct Booking

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Today, we’re delighted to announce some more fantastic news! From August 1st 2019, Koncept Hotels will be planting a tree with B’n’Tree for every direct booking made on www.koncepthotels.com.

New B'n'Tree Partner Koncept Hotels joins bedandtree

Koncept Hotels Partners With B’n’Tree

Koncept Hotels become the second hotel group to partner with B’n’Tree to plant trees for travelers. We’re delighted to have their smart and reliable brand on board. Their values are certain to make a huge difference in the battle against climate change.

Click on the image above to start planting trees with Koncept. That will lead you to the Koncept Hotels home page, where you can book directly today. You can choose from any of their locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After your booking you can sleep well, knowing that your stay is helping plant trees in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas.

“Trees fight climate change by absorbing CO2. On top of that, they also create valuable habitats for endangered species and work for local communities. Those who book direct and help us achieve all of this will of course have a much more relaxed sleep.”

Stefan Matthiessen, Chief Brand Officer at Koncept Hotels

Even better, you don’t have to book via B’n’Tree to get the benefits of planting trees. No matter how you arrive at www.koncepthotels.com, any direct booking will result in Koncept planting another tree with B’n’Tree.

This is an excellent move and shows that Koncept Hotels are truly dedicated to sustainability. Planting one tree for every direct booking maximizes the number of trees being planted and creates the highest possible positive impact for our planet.

We say: “Well done, Koncept Hotels! Good work!”

Koncept Hotels: A Sustainable Hotel Brand

Koncept Hotels have locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer tech-savvy, modern and comfortable rooms with a big focus on sustainability. They provide mindful, environmentally aware guests with the city’s most efficient and contemporary hotel experience.

The hotel group, formed in 2016, combine smart technology and practical digitalization with the classic hotel experience. Their ambitious and cost-effective plans help them achieve their sustainability targets, set out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“The idea behind B’n’Tree fits in very well with the set of collaborations that we are leading to bring us one step closer to our sustainability goals.”

Stefan Matthiessen, Chief Brand Officer at Koncept Hotels

Guests at Koncept Hotels support their vision for a fair, inclusive and sustainable society with their smart technology. Smartphones are used for check-in and check-out, opening doors and communicating with the hotel staff.

New Koncept locations are already under construction throughout Europe as this exciting brand continues to grow.

How To Plant Trees With Koncept Hotels

To kick off the cooperation with B’n’Tree, Koncept Hotels have pledged to plant 30 new trees. Just like that. Because they care.

“At the beginning of the cooperation, we are planting 30 trees as seed capital.”

Martin Stockburger, Managing Director of Koncept Hotels

You can plant trees, too. Just book your next stay at www.koncepthotels.com and before you know it, B’n’Tree will be planting a tree all thanks to you.

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How And Why To Plant Even More Trees

You can also use B’n’Tree for other accommodation bookings and transport services, which all helps to reforest the planet. We plant one tree per booking – for free!

Be sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues about the great work you’re doing, and how far your simple click can go. Have they signed up for our newsletter GROW? When they do they’ll be able to keep up to date with all of our progress and thrilling news. Best of all, when they sign up we’ll plant a tree at no cost to them.

But what good does reforestation actually bring? How do you benefit, and how much can you help to create a better planet for all of us?

Check out our Reforesting Madagascar article to find out more. You’ll probably be astonished to discover just how important your simple click is. Something which comes at no extra cost to you has an incredible impact on human lives and endangered animal species around the world.

B'n'Tree Reforesting Madagascar for free Why How and Where bedandtree plants trees in Madagascar


Finally, join our Facebook discussion about Koncept Hotels joining B’n’Tree, or leave a comment below. Have you stayed with Koncept hotels before? Which other hotel groups do you think should plant trees with B’n’Tree? And would you like to see us planting trees in any new locations?


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