Trees For The Seas: Madagascar And Indonesia


Plant mangrove trees to protect marine wildlife and save the oceans.



Trees play a vital role to preserve marine wildlife. Mangrove trees filter water and offer habitat for a myriad of small marine wildlife such as fish and crabs. These again are valuable food sources for birds and larger fish.

Mangrove trees also prevent soil erosion in coastal areas, and have proven the most efficient barrier between seas and land, e.g. in case of tsunamis.

Furthermore, mangrove trees are amongst the most efficient trees for carbon dioxide absorption.

We plant mangrove trees on Madagascar’s West and Indonesia’s East Coast with the help of local communities. Our diligent helpers earn a fair full-time wage thanks to planting trees – which you make possible. Thank you for that!

Bonus: For every Trees For The Seas purchased, we will remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans!