Trees for tuskers: Thailand, Kenya, India

Plant trees to create vital habitat for mighty pachyderms.


Elephants are the world's largest land animal, and they are threatened with extinction. One of their greatest threats to survival is deforestation, and the resulting loss of habitat.

We plant trees where wild elephants still roam around proudly and freely. Help us to maintain their habitat for them.

Trees are being planted in Kenya's Masai Mara, in Thailand's South and India's East, benefitting both the mighty African elephant as well as the smaller, yet even more endangered Asian elephant. (Did you know that these two species are in no way related to one another?)

With your help these wonderful giants will have a place to live for decades to come.

Since elephants are a keystone species (species that have a disproportionately large effect on its environment relative to its abundance), planting trees for tuskers benefits a huge variety of other animals in the area as well. You're doing a ton of good deeds in one here.

Thank you for being awesome!

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What's included in the prices for planting the trees?

All Click A Tree prices are "all-inclusive prices". That means we take care of everything: The bureaucracy and the permits. The planning of the wisest composition of tree species, the sourcing and sorting of the seeds, the careful planting in the tree nursery and the final planting and further nursing in the field.

Once planted, we guarantee the survival for the critical first years, and replant all trees that die within these years at no additional cost. Planting “one tree” with Click A Tree means “one surviving tree”.

In addition, all prices include a fair salary for everyone involved. We don’t work with volunteers because A) we want to create jobs, incomes and hence a better life for the local communities by planting trees, and B) because as long as these communities get paid to plant trees, they will also guard these trees vigilantly and protect them from being cut down again.

If you go sustainable, go holistically sustainable, and don’t expect volunteers to do the hard work.

Are there cheaper ways to plant trees?

Yes, yes there are. As with most things in life, there are cheap and there are expensive trees. The latter are harder to come back, need more intensive care and/or need longer to grow.

It also makes a difference whether you can 'use' the tree, e.g. to harvest fruit, or whether it's a 'forest' tree. The latter is great as animal habitat, but of course costs more to sustain, since the local community can't profit from selling its products.

At Click A Tree, we plant a diversified variety of all trees. That creates natural ecosystems, which on the one hand are the only way to create animal habitat, and on the other hand are a lot more resilient to natural catastrophes and climate change.

We make a plan how many cheap and how many expensive trees are needed, and then calculate an average cost. It's the only way to create a diverse, sustainable forest.

Another option to cut costs would be to work with volunteers instead of paying full-time salaries. But we opine that if we do go sustainable, it should be holistically sustainable, and that everyone involved should financially profit from their engagement. Don't you agree?

Do all planted trees survive?

Unfortunately not. Depending on the area and the local conditions, about 80-95% of all planted trees survive. However, we replant all the trees that do not survive the crucial first years, at no cost to you. When we talk about "we plant one tree for you", we always mean "one surviving tree".

I love your project and would like to promote it. Can I?

Awesome! You sure can! Please go right ahead, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, share our website on social media and tell all your friends, family and co-workers about us. You can also print and distribute our cool poster.

In case you’d like to create a more in-depth review or story for a blog, newspaper article or other media outlet, please get in touch.

I know a cool hotel booking platform or other potential partner. What should I do?

Excellent, we’re always happy to explore the possibilities of new partnerships. The more partners we have, the more trees we can plant. Please get in touch!

Where are you planting trees?

With the help of our partners we plant trees all over the globe. And the more we grow, the more countries we can support, hence please spread the word!

In case you do know a reliable tree-planting team you believe we should support, don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you!

How much land area have you reforested?

Good question. One tree covers between 1sqm (1m x 1m) to 4sqm (2m x 2m), depending on the type of tree. That means that 10,000 trees cover between one and four hectares of land. One hectare is 100 x 100 meters, or 10,000sqm. Or, for a more visual comparison, one hectare is roughly one rugby field (1.008 ha). Now take a look at how many trees we have planted so far to get a better understanding of what we have already achieved together.

On the other hand, it will also become apparent that this is just the beginning, and there is still a lot left to do. Please help us by spreading the word! Tell your friends and family about Click A Tree - and don't forget to bring it up amongst work colleagues and towards your boss as well.

Do you offer volunteer positions?

Very good idea. Unfortunately, we don't have the means to offer volunteer positions. Also, we have found the local communities to take great pride in planting 'their' trees themselves, which encourages them to protect the trees more vigilantly. These communities earn a full-time living from planting and nursing these trees, and we would find it unfair to take that source of income away from them.

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What is the best tree joke out there?

To be honest with you: We don't know. We haven't yet found that incredible tree joke that cracked us up with laughter.

But if you know one: Please don’t leaf us hanging, send us a message, wood you? We’re always keen to hear good jokes!

(If you came for a laugh: May we offer you the world's best elephant joke instead?)


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