Libertas Hotels Join B’n’Tree to Plant Free Trees with Every Direct Booking

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Did you ever wonder where Buddha would book his bed? And do you know what Vienna and Zell am See have in common?

More than that – do you wish that planting a tree was even simpler than visiting Now it is.

Head directly to the Libertas website. Or, plant a tree just by saying “yes please” at checkout. Find out how you can plant trees with Libertas hotels and so much more below. We’ll also tell you what makes our new partner, the Libertas Hotels, so special.

What are you waiting for?

Libertas Hotels Join B’n’Tree to Plant Free Trees with Every Direct Booking.

Libertas Hotels Partners with B’n’Tree to Plant Trees

Libertas Hotels have been quick to put their sustainable vision into action. We’re thrilled that they’ve decided to work with us in order to achieve their targets for a greener future. But we’re even more thrilled about all the new trees they’re going to plant!

Planting trees creates more natural, effective carbon sinks around the world. Endangered animal species are protected, harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are reduced and people that are most in need of a safe, stable income will benefit too.

Libertas have recognized that they share a joint responsibility to make travel more sustainable from within the industry:

“Making travel more climate-friendly and accepting our social responsibility – especially with regard to future generations – is a particular concern of the Libertas Group. Together with B’n’Tree, Libertas Hospitality GmbH is now actively involved in climate protection.”

Andreas Brennfleck, CEO Libertas Hospitality GmbH

Well done to Libertas for recognizing this and doing something about it! They’re leading the way with their charge towards more sustainable travel. We hope that other companies will follow their green example.

Click on the image above and you’ll find yourself on the Libertas Hotels home page. The great news is that they’ll plant one free tree for every direct booking you make. Keep reading and we’ll explain more about what that means for you.

Libertas And Their Four Luxurious Hotels

Libertas Hotels were founded at their company headquarters in Cologne, back in 2007. Since then they have gone on to construct and manage four well-established hotels in Germany and Austria, catering to both tourists and business guests.

Libertas Hotels Join B’n’Tree to Plant Free Trees with Every Direct Booking. City comfort with a theatre style
TheaterHotel has the theater style in the center of the city © Libertas Hotels

Libertas specialize in managing and operating 4* hotels with a distinct local charm. Whether you’re holidaying in the beautiful Austrian Alps or enjoying the theatre in a buzzing city, you’re sure to be wowed by the trademark Libertas luxuries.

Libertas Hotels Join B’n’Tree to Plant Free Trees with Every Direct Booking. Luxury stays and treatments at 4Mood
Spa treatments at 4Moods will help you unwind © Libertas Hotels

But Libertas have developed their brand with a focus on being “distinctly different.” While each hotel may be different in design, their hospitality, philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction remain the same throughout. High standards of service, luxurious comfort and modern amenities can be expected in every hotel.

Libertas Hotels Join B’n’Tree to Plant Free Trees with Every Direct Booking. Cozy, comfortable rooms in the mountains
Cozy surroundings and impressive mountains at Hotel Latini © Libertas Hotels

Take their 4Moods-Hotel for instance, which is an adults-only hotel focusing on relaxation and recharging batteries. It’s where Buddha would head!

They also have 70 comfortable rooms in Hotel Der Schütoff, Zell am See. This hotel offers a more personal atmosphere between the gorgeous Austrian Alps and idyllic Lake Zell.

Libertas Hotels Join B’n’Tree to Plant Free Trees with Every Direct Booking. Mountains and lakes at Hotel der Shutthoff
Some mountain and lake therapy at Hotel der Shüthoff © Libertas Hotels

Hotel Latini, meanwhile, offers all of the trademark Libertas luxuries on holiday at the heart of the Austrian lakes and mountains.

And no matter where you stay with Libertas, you’ll now be planting a free tree every single time you make a direct booking.

OK OK, So What Makes Planting Trees With Libertas So Unique?

Now for the exciting part! When you book directly with Libertas Hotels, they’ll help to plant a tree somewhere in the world where it’s needed most. How awesome is that?!

No visit to is necessary (even though we always appreciate you dropping in). Just book directly with Libertas Hotels.

Whether you call, email, book online, send an owl or even a message in a recycled bottle (kudos for thinking sustainably by the way), you’ll be planting a tree for free. So long as you book directly with Libertas.

But Libertas Hotels have decided to take this sustainable attitude one step further. They’re the first hotel group within the B’n’Tree co-operation to offer their customers the opportunity to plant another tree on the spot.

Once you’ve checked out, you’ll be able to plant even more trees with Libertas. When you hand back your room key, staff will ask if you want to plant another tree. It will then be added to your room.

And that’s all the effort it takes. Simply say “yes, please” at checkout and you’ll have doubled your support for a tree-planting project.

Even more global emissions will be reduced and more endangered habitats will be protected. It’s already proving to be a successful way to plant even more trees:

“So far we have received only positive feedback from our guests. Many people want to make their travel more sustainable, and we are delighted to be able to help them out before (and after) staying in one of our hotels.”

Andreas Brennfleck, CEO Libertas Hospitality GmbH

No matter how you complete your booking, Libertas will plant a tree because they care about the future of the planet. Your stay helps to make the travel industry more sustainable and battles climate change one tree at a time.

Let’s Plant As Many Trees As Possible

So why trees? And why do we have such an obsession with planting them?

Well, turns out they’re pretty good at reducing greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, when there’s more of it now than ever before. Scientists have proven that they may even be the most effective way to do that. It’s a happy coincidence trees also provide us with the oxygen we need to, uhm, breathe, too. Not bad eh?

They also protect vulnerable and endangered landforms, and provide a home for endangered animal species that rely on them for shelter, reproduction and food. The slender loris, pumas, monkeys and elephants are just a handful of animals that depend on trees.

“By cultivating new trees, Libertas Hotels and our visitors will contribute to climate protection, while local communities and endangered species in growing areas will also benefit from this commitment in the long term.”

Andreas Brennfleck, CEO Libertas Hospitality GmbH

And that’s before we mention the jobs they provide for local people that are often denied stable, reliable incomes. We’re not joking, trees really can save the planet. Find out more about how they can do that with Boto & Mary’s inspirational story from Mahabana.

B'n'Tree Success Story The Miracle Of Mahabana The Wonderful Story of Japo, Boto and Mary on bedandtree

And why not sign up for our newsletter GROW to stay up-to-date with all of our announcements? We’ll plant a tree just to say thanks for signing up. Our German readers may also find it more convenient to read all about Libertas joining B’n’Tree with their German press release online instead.

Once you’ve done that, join in with our Facebook conversation about Libertas Hotels planting free trees to let us know what you think.

Where would you like to see us planting trees next? Have you stayed at any Libertas hotels recently? And who would you like to see join our community next?

Let us know your thoughts, spread the word, and keep up the good work. Thanks for all your amazing efforts so far.


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