How To Plant More Trees – Even When Not Traveling

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With B’n’Tree, you can plant trees every time you go travel. We know you know.

However, of late we often get asked whether there are ways to plant more trees, e.g. in case one isn’t going anywhere for a while. And yes, yes there are.

How To Plant More Trees – Even When Not Traveling Click A Tree

Help Plant More Trees By Spreading The Word

Since for B’n’Tree the easiest way to plant more trees is by facilitating more travel arrangements, the most valuable option for you to help us plant more trees is by spreading the word. This can be done in various ways.

Did you know you could plant a tree simply by signing up for our newsletter? For every subscriber we’ll plant a tree. What are you waiting for, sign up here:

Print And Distribute The B’n’Tree Poster

An excellent way to reach a lot of people with the powerful B’n’Tree concept is to print and distribute our B’n’Tree poster.

You can hang it up anywhere, starting in your kitchen, your office and your gym or sports club.

Next up, visit the local church, pin it on the community blackboard, in the shopping mall, tourist information and all nearby hotels and hostels.

Last but not least, email it to friends and family members and encourage them to do the same.

Of course, please make sure you have permission to hang up the poster wherever you do. If in doubt, please ask the responsible people on site.

Click on the image below to check out our latest poster. It’s free for you, of course.

1903 Poster B'n'Tree helps to plant more trees for freeLandscape ENG
Click on the image or visit to download the B’n’Tree poster in high resolution.

Contact Influencers, Bloggers, Journalists And Authors

Do you know people with a large audience who are keen to help save the planet? Influencers, Bloggers, Journalists or Authors?

Give them a call or send them a message and explain the B’n’Tree concept to them. Encourage them to help plant more trees. Maybe they’d like to inform their fans and followers how to make planet Earth a greener place?

In case you are not 100% sure how to best explain B’n’Tree, let our video do the talking for you.

Send Email Now!

Spread The Word Digitally

As we pride ourselves on the fact that you can plant real trees from the comfort of your screen, you can of course also help spread the word from there.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, then share both accounts with your friends around the globe.

How To Plant More Trees – Even When Not Traveling

Spread The Word Offline

There is always the traditional way of spreading the word offline. If you want to help us plant more trees, talk about it. To your friends, family, co-workers… anyone who is keen to learn about B’n’Tree. And then some.

Extremely valuable can be to discuss the concept with your boss and have all company-related travel be booked via B’n’Tree. You can even go a step further and plant a tree for every products sold or every employee’s birthday. We’re more than happy to discuss your corporate needs.

Depending on your monthly booking volume, we will create tailor-made marketing material, such as co-branded postcards, personalized microsites or even images from the planting events with banners featuring your company logo.

Let us know what you think – and, of course, what your boss thinks.

Personalized tree-planting microsite with B'n'Tree for Hotelkit on bedandtree
Personalized tree-planting microsite for Hotelkit on

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Plant More Trees Yourself

If you don’t just want to talk about planting trees, but act yourself, you can. There always is the option to plant trees yourself, whether in your own garden or in public space. Please ensure you have permission for the latter.

Besides that, you can have other people plant trees for you. Companies like Click A Tree enable you to plant trees with a click of your mouse. Planting more trees won’t get any simpler than that.

If you prefer to plant more trees yourself, but aren’t keen to pay for them, take a look at the best ways to plant more trees for free. It’s a killer compilation of the coolest companies planting trees for free for you.

B’n’Tree supporter Michael Swoboda planting a tree himself during a trip to Kenya. Click on the image to see more photos of the happening on Instagram.

Bonus: Plant Another Tree Today. Right Now. For Free.

No matter how many of the above options you’ll make use of to plant more trees, we highly recommend you signing up to our newsletter GROW in addition.

Not just do we regularly share further ideas on how to plant more trees with you, but we also plant a free tree for every new newsletter subscriber. Just like that!

Mehr Bäume pflanzen auch wenn du nicht verreist3

Honestly: Saving planet Earth won’t get any easier.

Learn more about our newsletter GROW and sign up below.

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