Powerful and Unique Reasons Why People Plant Trees – (Click A) Tree Love

You probably know the many practical reasons why trees are important. Amongst other things, they help fight climate change, create animal habitat and create jobs. In a nutshell: Trees are vital to us. 

But at Click A Tree, we quickly learned that there is a deeper connection between humans and trees. During one of our team meetings, we noticed that everyone of us has their own motivation and reasons to plant trees.

And that’s how our series ‘One Reason Why They Do It’ was brought to life. We wanted to hear other peoples’ awesome reasons why they plant trees and share them with the world. 

Because trees are not always what they appear at first glance. Trees are childhood memories, trees are hope and purpose, they are new beginnings and closing chapters. 

And you can play as hard as you want now, but deep down, we know you are a #treelover, too.

Reasons to Plant Trees.

So, let’s dive into the super cool and unique reasons why people plant trees. 

Reasons to Plant Trees – The Click A Tree Team Version

Chris, Founder of Click A Tree

Chris Kaiser Founder and CEO Click A Tree

“I founded Click A Tree to create habitat for elephants – as well as for all the other wonderful animals that depend on trees.

After having lived and worked on 5 continents, I moved to a National Park area in Southern Thailand in 2012, where I got to spend my days with elephants.

Since my time in Thailand, I feel a strong connection to these majestic creatures. I don’t want to just sit around and watch the dramatic effects of deforestation, I want to create the habitat that elephants and other animals need to survive.”

Susanne, PR and People Management Rockstar

Susanne, Click A Tree PR and People Management Rockstar

“I want to see my son and future generations grow up in a liveable, beautiful world with a healthy ecosystem.

While growing up, I’ve spent a lot of time in nature, exploring all the different plants and hiding behind trees. Now, that I’m a mother, I want my child and other children to experience the beauty of nature as well. 

It’s really important to keep our ecosystem alive because we all depend on it.”

Sandra, Visuals and Social Media Wiz

Sandra Click A Tree Visual and Social Media Maven

“Wilderness, from the oceans to the jungles of the world, has always been magical to me. I want to give back and protect habitats of endangered wildlife species while ensuring people have a fair income – all this by planting trees.

After my Master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism, I have been leading tours in the jungle of India surrounded by tigers, leopards, and elephants. The ocean is another love story of mine: Over the years I have visited dive sides around the world to be in the oceans and study its wonderful marine life such as sea turtles, manta rays and sharks.

I intuitively knew, what I wanted to dedicate my life to: the stunning beauty and biodiversity of mother earth.

I am devastated by the fact that life both on land and underwater are facing extinction at a never seen pace due to humankind. But what we destroyed in the past decades we can also restore again when we all work together.” 

Margarita, Website and Newsletter Maven

Margarita Click A Tree Website and Newsletter Maven

“Where else could we get lost and find ourselves at the same time if not in the forest?”

This is the thought I had when I was wandering through the gorgeous garden of the Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal. While walking around, taking in all the beauty of this garden and its trees, I experienced this warm fuzzy feeling that told me this is where I’m supposed to be.

Everything that I thought I needed and wanted, wasn’t really what my soul urged for because everything I need is already within me. And I’m 100% certain that the energy of the trees had everything to do with me finding myself. “

Reasons to Plant Trees – Trees for Future Generations

Kees, Owner of Global Automotive and Passionate Mountain biker

Reasons to Plant Trees - Kees, Owner of Global Automative

“Not only do we need as many trees as possible for life on this earth, but as a mountain biker I know that there are other arguments as well.

Trees are not only disappearing in the Amazon but in our home countries as well. Climate change is an issue and if you don’t want to admit it … go back to sleep. So, click for a tree.”

Jennifer, Editor at Etia.com

Reasons to Plant Trees - Jennifer Editor at Etia

“Planting trees is one of the best things that you can do for nature and our future generation. It is one of the easiest ways through which one can give back to mother nature.

From planting one tree to making a man-made forest, all this is in the hands of an average and normal human being.

One of the biggest reasons for planting trees is to make this world a safe place for our future generation and creating a sustainable environment.”

Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten

Reasons to Plant Trees - Simon Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten

“I plant trees because I want to be a good example to my friends and family. I believe that showing them that I can live happily while living a sustainable lifestyle and still care for the environment will inspire them to do the same.

I guess that this is my way of not giving up and believing that there is still hope in the world.”

Mike, Editor in Chief at Wildernesstimes

Reasons to Plant Trees - Mike CEO of Wilderness

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are of spending time hanging out and swinging on the branches of the cherry tree my grandfather planted in our backyard long before I was born. 

When I was growing up, my father planted several pine trees on the grounds of the elementary school he taught at and I attended. Now, many years later, he’s no longer with us, but I still drive past those trees every day and think of him. 

I see the trees we plant as a gift to our children, and their children. Doing our part for the planet in any way we can, including planting trees as often as possible, is the most important thing we can do for future generations.”

“I see the trees we plant as a gift to our children, and their children.”

Reasons to Plant Trees – Wonderful Memories

Valeria, Creator of Green Reconnection

Valeria Creator of Green Reconnection

“For a birthday present, someone inspired me to plant a tree for each year I’ve lived. This is not only an act of gratitude for what I’ve had, but it is also a way of giving back some of what I have enjoyed.

It may be complicated to plant all of the trees by myself so it is a perfect way for family and friends to gather together and celebrate differently and inspire others.” 


Reasons to Plant Trees - Frido from Cyledge

“Hello I’m Frido, working at Cyledge, a web agency. I grew up in Stockholm. As kids we used to spend a lot of time in nature. And I will never forget this special and unique smell of Swedish forests. 

For me, trees are just vital. For every one of us. And most important: we have to plant trees where there are needed most. That’s exactly what you can do with Click a Tree.”

Planting Trees with Click A Tree

Shelly, Co-Founder of Social Mum

Click A Tree - Shelly Co Founder of Social Mum

“I grew up on a farm, and part of my childhood is climbing up trees, picking fruits from them, or just sitting down to read books.

I do have a garden, and I love that feeling of being close to nature. Whenever we move to a new home, I make sure there are trees or a place for planting new ones.”

Reasons to Plant Trees – In Memory of Loved Ones

Shannon, Chief Editor at Mom Loves Best

Reasons to Plant Trees - Shannon Chief Editor at Mom Loves Best

“Trees are one of the most valuable resources we have, giving us oxygen, shade, fruit, nuts, and beauty. But my love for trees stems from a different reason. 

My dad, who passed away at the age of 83 in 2020, instilled a great love of nature in his nine children, often taking us on long hikes when we were little. His love of nature continued throughout his whole life and he worked tirelessly planting trees in the small city we live in and serving on the tree commission.

 In fact, the last time I saw him before he died, he was in his yard checking on one of his trees that had been damaged in a storm. Every time I am outside and I see a gorgeous tree, it makes me smile, imagining all the facts he would be able to tell me about it if he were there.” 

“Trees are one of the most valuable resources we have, giving us oxygen, shade, fruit, nuts, and beauty.”

Reasons to Plant Trees

Ryan Gleason, and alongside my wife Alex, we are the creators of Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Ryan and Alex Owners of Duo Life

“I plant trees to honor my grandmother and to pass on a legacy to my future children. My grandmother, Rose, loved the outdoors and was a skilled potter.

Growing up, I was surrounded by her beautiful ceramic pots and the smell of her workshop.

Now, my wife and I plant bonsai tree seeds in Rose’s pots and in the pots we’ve made ourselves to leave to future generations of our family.”

Reasons to Plant Trees – Trees Make The World More Beautiful

Susan, Co-Founder of Blooming Secrets

Susan Co Founder of Blooming Secrets

“Trees are often taken for granted but their value to our environment and to our well-being should not be underestimated.

In addition to their economic value trees provide two of life’s basic essential needs; oxygen and food. They also provide shelter and are a source of tools and medicine.

Clearly, we take for granted how important trees are in our day to day lives. Forget the fact that they just add something special to our communities and our own yards!” 

Ana, Editor at DesignIdeasGuide.com

Reasons to Plant Trees - Ana Editor at Design Ideas Guide

“As an interior designer who blogs at DesignIdeasGuide.com, I always recommend planting trees and other plants because it is the easiest way to add color and brighten up a space.

Whether you’re planting new trees in your yard or featuring houseplants as part of your home’s decor, there are many design and healthy benefits to plants.

For instance, studies have shown that plants help lower stress. Scientifically, they are also a source of oxygen, meaning your home will always enjoy clean air.

Lastly, trees can uplift your living area from an interior design perspective, giving you a more welcoming room.”

Michael, Owner of Yearist

“Planting trees is like an investment where the initial input is a bit of time and money, and the results are beauty, functionality and an improvement to the environment.

Considering the returns, it would be a crazy investment not to make!”

“Considering the returns, it would be a crazy investment not to make!”

Alessandra Kessler, CEO at Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Reasons to Plant Trees - Alessandra CEO at Healthy Body Healthy Mind

“I have been planting trees in my garden and backyard since I grew out of my teenage years. My reason to plant them is to make my house and backyard look attractive and give myself a chance to be closer to nature.

I have built nests for birds in those trees as well. Now the greenery in my garden and the birds’ chirping sounds play a vital role in helping me fight stress and anxiety.”

Jeanine, Co-founder at Edelwyn

Click A Tree - Jeanine Co Founder at Edelwyn

“I love planting trees in my garden, especially those with colorful flowers in Spring. It’s a beautiful journey to watch the tree as it grows over the years.

It gives me such satisfaction that I was there when the seed was planted and that I nurtured it over all these years.” 

Reasons to Plant Trees

Reasons to Plant Trees – Trees As A Food Source

Judy, Owner of A Life Well Planned

Judy Owner of A Life Well Planned

“Over the years, my husband has planted several varieties of apple, pear, peach, plum, paw paw, and chestnut trees on our two acres.

Each summer I make jams and freeze fruit for making pies, sorbet, smoothies, and more. I also dehydrate plenty of apples and peaches; we eat them right out of the jar or add them to our cereal and yogurt.”

Shaun, Head of Customer Acquisition at MitoQ

Reasons to Plant Trees - Shaun Head of Customer Acquisition at MitoQ

“I plant trees because they bear fruit. Trees are a great way to ethically source lemons, oranges, and apples, which I can use to feed my family in addition to creating food for birds and animals.”

Kristen, Owner of Earth Friendly Tips

Kristen Owner of Earth Friendly Tips

“In our family, we plant trees for a variety of reasons. In addition to helping to fight climate change, we also plant trees to provide food and to give our house shade for a lower electricity bill.”

Reasons to Plant Trees – For Education Purposes

Malte, CEO and Co-Founder of Airfocus

Reasons to Plant Trees - Malte CEO and Co Founder of Airfocus

“Planting trees is a family activity. I love teaching my kids how to take care of the environment so I introduced regular excursions during which we go hiking and plant a few trees as well.”

Philip, Founder and Travel Expert

“I plant trees once a month and I try to gather a larger crowd so that we can be more efficient. My goal is to include as many new people as possible and help them adopt the same habit.

This type of informal education is my contribution to environment protection in my hometown.  “

Naomi, a Homeschooling Mom and Online Marketer over at ourkiwihomeschool.com

Naomi Online Marketer at Our Kiwi Homeschool

“There are many reasons we plant trees around our hobby farm, for example, to produce fruit for us to eat fruit or to keep the soil intact on slopes. 

However, one of the other big reasons we are always planting new trees is to show our children the wonders of the natural world.

It’s exciting and enriching for them to learn about how trees grow by studying a specific variety – especially the faster-growing kinds!”

However, one of the other big reasons we are always planting new trees is to show our children the wonders of the natural world.”

Reasons to Plant Trees - For Educational Purposes

Chelsea, Owner of Nesting Naturally

“In my suburban area, builders are continuously clearing trees in order to build more homes without regard to the environmental effect of doing so. That’s why we’ve planted 4 trees on our small lot in the last 10 months.

We also love getting our young kids (age 3 & 5) involved in the process of planting trees because we can teach them why trees are important and teach them to enjoy nature.”

Patricia, Content Creator at Momlovesbest

Click A Tree - Patricia Content Creator at Moms Loves Best

“As a mother of five, outdoors enthusiast, and parenting writer, I plant trees because:

Planting trees is a fabulous learning experience for our kids. We research different trees, their native locations, and environmental attributes, then once we have planted the trees we monitor and document their growth.

This then works as a jumping-off point for all kinds of tree-based education such as learning about seeds and seed pods, how plants respond to the weather, creating tree focussed art, and creating a neighborhood tree guide!”

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Reasons to Plant Trees – The Cooling Effect

Chris, CEO of Emjay

Reasons to Plant Trees - Chris CEO of Emjay

“I plant trees because they shield our skin from ultra-violet rays by nearly 50 percent. The most common form of cancer in the U.S. is skin cancer, but we can reduce future cases by planting more trees on school campuses and playgrounds to protect our children while they play outdoors.”

Reasons to Plant Trees – Healthy Benefits

Alex, Director of Festoon House

Reasons to Plant Trees - Alex Director of Festoon House

“In the last 3 years, I’ve made it my personal mission to plant 5 trees a year. I plant trees because it does wonders on my physical and mental health.

I grew up on a farm and I’ve always found trees very therapeutic. There’s something about them that calms the mind and makes your worries seem insignificant.

Moving into the city, there’s always a lot going on and it can really take a toll on my well-being – or anybody’s, for that. Being in the presence of trees reduces my anxiety and helps me calm down, and the act of planting trees is very grounding for me as well.”

There’s something about them that calms the mind and makes your worries seem insignificant.

Karan, Founder of bestwebhosting.ws

Karan Founder of Bestwebhosting

“I plant trees because it purifies my house’s surrounding air and makes living a better experience.”

Ed, Owner of Garden Grow Guide

Reasons to Plant Trees - Ed Owner of Garden Grow Guide

“I plant trees to build a legacy. As trees do more than just grow. They improve the air we breathe. They improve a person’s health. They improve our community’s beauty. They reduce flooding and erosion issues.

They remove carbon from the air. They capture harmful air pollutants and our water. And in doing so, they create cleaner air and cleaner water.”

“I plant trees to build a legacy.”

Reasons to Plant Trees – Preserve the Environment

Reasons to Plant Trees - Preserve the Planet

Torben, Founder of DiveIn 

Torben Founder of DiveIn

“I’m incredibly passionate about the environment. I have a principle that I plant a tree every time I use an entire pack of printing papers.

I run a business and printing is inevitable, but I want to be conscious of the environment and still help preserve it somehow.”

Gena, Passionate Nature-Lover and Gardener

Gena From Fantastic Services

“I have planted many trees in my life and I’ll keep planting as much as possible. 

The main reason why I plant trees is that they fight climate change and clean the air, without which we can’t survive.

I’ve never planted a tree as a memory to someone but one day I may, you never know. 

Most of my customers want trees in their gardens because they increase their home’s value and curb appeal. Others want trees because they attract wildlife.”

Haeley, Owner of NativeBackyards.com

Haeley Owner of Native Backyard

“Planting native trees can provide a huge boost to your local ecosystem by serving as host plants for butterflies and moths.

For instance an oak tree native to the US can serve as a host plant for up to 400 different species of butterflies and moths! They use the trees to lay their eggs and feed their caterpillars.

More caterpillars in your yard means more song birds, as caterpillars are the primary food source for their young. Planting a native tree is a big step towards healing our suburban ecosystems.”

“Planting a native tree is a big step towards healing our suburban ecosystems.”

Alexander, Owner of Bowaddicted

Reasons to Plant Trees - Alexander Owner of Bowaddicted

“I must admit that my main reason for planting trees is because I love bowhunting and want to help animals rebuild their natural habitats.

My dad was a hunter and he taught me how to hunt and respect nature. I also firmly believe that planting trees is part of my responsibility as a bowhunter.” 

Gina, Owner of Harper’s Nurseries

Gina Owner of Harpers Nurseries

“I plant trees hoping they will attract bees to my garden. Bees play such a vital role in every aspect of the eco-system and their numbers are sadly in decline.

By planting bee-friendly trees these delightful little eco-warriors help my garden thrive and conserve our environment.”

“I plant trees hoping they will attract bees to my garden.


Reasons to Plant Trees - Georg from Cyledge

“All living things depend on trees, including us humans. That’s why I think Click A Tree and their mission are so great!”

So many awesome reasons to plant trees! What’s yours?

As you can see, there are so many cool and unique reasons to plant trees. Deep down we’re all just some big ol’ tree lovers!

Let us know in the comments, what your reason for tree planting is! No reason is too small or too big, as long as it’s meaningful to you.

When Chris, the founder of Click A Tree, was working in Thailand (2012-2017), he witnessed the shocking effects of deforestation, such as the destruction of elephant habitat. As he didn’t want to be an innocent bystander, he simply started planting trees.

The idea was well received and eventually Click A Tree was founded. As of January 2021, we are excited to announce that we have planted over 117.000 trees.

It started with the love for elephants and turned into a goal to plant one billion trees. Ambitious? Maybe. But history has proven to us that we can make the craziest things happen if we come together! Plant a tree right now: