Results Of The October 2018 Question

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Two weeks ago we asked you which country you would like to help us reforest next. You voted on Facebook and on Instagram, and we also accepted votes underneath shared posts on social media and in the comments below our blog post.

89 votes were cast in total. THANK YOU FOR THAT! What a wonderful result! Especially, since we promised to plant 1 tree per voter – that makes it 89 trees already!

And the winner is… read on.

1810 Results October 2018 Question Who Shall We Support Next B'n'Tree bedandtree


You voted as follows:

  • Orangutans: 20 votes
  • Bengal Tigers: 27 votes
  • Asian Elephants: 42 votes


Hence we will begin to help reforest India to create more habitat for wild Asian elephants. We have partnered with Grow Trees to help us achieve our mission, and will start planting trees in India next month.

We will of course continue to support our current projects to provide a stable income for the local communities. In addition, any extra income generated by hotel bookings will support reforesting India.


To ensure we can plant as many trees as possible, please support us with one or several of the below three options:

  1. Use B’n’Tree yourself. Wherever you go: Every time you book a bed, we plant a tree. FOR FREE! Save in your browser, bookmarks and smartphone for easy reference.
  2. Please talk about B’n’Tree with your friends, family and co-workers. Whether sharing the concept online or explaining it face-to-face – every additional user helps plant valuable trees.
  3. Download and print our brand-new B’n’Tree A4 poster to hang up in your office, school, sports club, church or community black board to help plant more trees.


Thank you for being the amazing person you are!


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