Select Hotel Spiegelturm Hotel Review: The Best Hotel When Visiting Trade Fairs At Messe Berlin

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Going to a trade fair in Berlin such as ITB and looking for the best hotel near Messe Berlin? It’s your lucky day – we have found it for you. It’s called Select Hotel Spiegelturm. Learn why in our brief B’n’Tree hotel review.

After visiting ITB Berlin for the 8th time this year, I finally found the best hotel when visiting the Messe Berlin. I hope you find this hotel review useful for your next visit to Berlin’s trade fair. Please post a comment if you have further ideas and suggestions.

What Is Select Hotel Spiegelturm?

Select Hotel Spiegelturm is your best bet when looking for a hotel near Messe Berlin. Its impressive glass façade makes it cool to look at, its sky tower restaurant on the 16th floor makes it even cooler to look outside from.

Why Is Select Hotel Spiegelturm The Best Hotel When Visiting Trade Fairs In Berlin?

Select Hotel Spiegelturm is located right next to the tram station S-Bahn Stresow in West Berlin. This makes it perfectly accessible when visiting either Olympiastadion or the Berlin trade fair complex Messe Berlin. The beauty is that Select Hotel Spiegelturm is located West of both Messe Berlin and the Olympiastadion, while the big crowds arrive from and depart towards the East.

What’s more, the same S-Bahn (S3 and S9) brings you straight to Hauptbahnhof and Alexanderplatz, so you can explore Berlin’s most popular locations without having to change trains.

Comfortable Rooms – With WiFi That Works!

One thing I find astonishing as a business traveler is how many hotels cannot get their WiFi system sorted. Weak signal, complicated sign-up process, limited speed… the list goes on.

Spiegelturm got it right. The rooms are comfortable, and with 23sqm large enough for a week’s stay. Every room offers sensational views deep into Brandenburg, and the WiFi (which works!) allows you to share these views with friend and family all over the globe. Or take care of your emails, if we’re more realistic.

Breakfast In The Sky (Tower Restaurant)

What sounds impossible for normal living humans becomes reality at the Spiegelturm hotel: Breakfast in the Sky. Located on the 16th floor, the in-house restaurant is aptly named “Sky Tower Restaurant”. The food is fine, yet the highlight are the views.

Dinner can be had here as well, including Berlin-specialty liquor brand Mampe. Lucky you you’ll only have to ride an elevator afterwards.

The Area Around Your Trade Fair Hotel

The immediate neighborhood of Select Hotel Spiegelturm is very quiet. Restaurant Kaiserhof offers good German meals, apart from that there’s not much to do but to concentrate on the business at hand.

One tram station down the tracks is Spandau with the shopping mall Spandau Arcaden as well as a cinema. Don’t expect the wildest nightlife out here, but rest assured you’ll find everything you need to survive your trade fair visit in Berlin.

How To Book Berlin’s Best Trade Fair Hotel

As most hotels these days, you can book Select Hotel Spiegelturm via their website. Or you can book it via – in which case we will plant a tree while you boost your business. Should you prefer the latter option, simply click here.

Should you book the hotel because you’re attending ITB, get in touch – we’d love to meet you!

Safe travels!

Your B’n’Tree Team


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