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We told you we were big in the Netherlands this month and we weren’t kidding! After speaking to Business Traveller, Chris also found time for another interview in the Netherlands. This time he spoke about planting trees around the world and their role in fighting climate change with Travelpro.

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Travelpro Netherlands

As if our Business Traveller feature wasn’t enough, we’re delighted to have a two-page spread in Travelpro’s issue this month too.

Travelpro is the leading trade magazine within the Dutch travel industry and has released bi-weekly periodicals for the last 25 years. Their readers are primarily managers and directors of travel agencies, trade company managers, tour operators and workers from just about every role you can imagine in the travel trade industry.

Have a read through the article to learn more about the work we’ve been doing. Once again, the full text is in Dutch, but can easily be translated into any language you like.

Your Role in Planting Trees

For the time being, most of our bookings come from our awesome readers and users (yep, that’s you!). With your simple click, we plant a tree in threatened areas around the world. Did you find out how many trees you helped plant in May and June? Check out our GrowShow update to find out exactly how many new trees we planted thanks to your support.

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In addition to planting trees for every booking which begins on our B’n’Tree page, we’re now planting trees for tourism companies as well. In the last two months we’ve announced new partnerships with Best Western hotels and Koncept hotels. The influence of the travel trade industry on sustainable travel cannot be understated. 

New B'n'Tree Partner Koncept Hotels joins bedandtree

And your role as a travel industry client cannot be understated either. As a customer, your contagious, environmentally-friendly attitude determines whose services you buy. You have a phenomenal power when it comes to promoting sustainable travel – this is why more and more tourism companies want to plant trees.

It’s you that makes all of this possible by demanding sustainable travel solutions from companies you purchase from. Thank you for continuing to plant trees with B’n’Tree and keep up the good work!

A Green Future for Travel Companies

We’re also in negotiations for our first contracts with tour operators. This would see trees being planted for each of their clients. These travel companies can help create new opportunities to reforest the globe. And since travelers are looking to explore the world in the most environmentally possible way, these tree-planting tour operators generate more bookings. Everybody wins.

If more and more tour operators, travel agencies and trade managers continue to help us plant trees around the world, how many trees could we plant then? How many habitats would be created for endangered elephants, lemurs and marine life? Leave a comment below or join our Facebook discussion about Travelpro to let us know your thoughts.

If you work for a tourism agency, why not get in touch? Every one of us benefits from planting trees and we’re always interested in developing mutually beneficial cooperations with new partners to help achieve that.

And what do you mean you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet? Fill in the form below and subscribe now! That way you can keep up to date with the latest news and announcements from B’n’Tree. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about the newsletter while you check out our interview with Travelpro.

If you do, we’ll plant a tree for every new subscriber. There’s no cost to you whatsoever. Zero. Just less CO2 in the air, all thanks to a simple subscription. Your good karma plants another tree as part of our mission to reforest the planet.


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