Trips4Kids Interview: Touching Elephants, Planting Trees And Saving The Planet

by | Last updated May 20, 2020 | German, News and Announcements | 0 comments is your go-to German website when planning a family trip. The heads of Trips4Kids, Sandra Müller-Hofner and Andrea Fischer, have been sharing their family holiday experiences with the world for over five years.

This spring they took the time to interview B’n’Tree founder Chris Kaiser. Together, they talked about incurable wanderlust, living with elephants, planting thousands of trees and saving planet Earth.

B’n’Tree is the perfect match for families on tour. Since our partners pay us a percentage of the revenue we generate for them, families booking their holidays via B’n’Tree plant a lot more than just one tree. So if you know families that love travel and would like to plant trees for free while doing so, make sure to share B’n’Tree with them.

Due to the heritage of all participants involved, the Trips4Kids interview was conducted and is published in German. So dust off that old dictionary of yours and refresh your memory on how to pronounce “Lebensraumverlustes”, “Vollbluttouristiker” and “liebenswürdig”.

Read the full article on Trips4Kids interviews B’n’Tree: Elefanten streicheln, Bäume pflanzen und die Welt retten…

And, of course, please share the article with all the German-speaking families you know. They’ll love you for it!

Trips4Kids on B’n’Tree_ Elefanten streicheln, Bäume pflanzen und die Welt retten auf bedandtree


If German is not for you, take a look at our About clickatree page to learn more about the history of B’n’Tree, and what it all has to do with elephants.

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