TUI Villas Join B’n’Tree – Plant FREE Trees on Your Next Villa Holiday

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TUI Villas – part of TUI Group, one of the biggest travel companies in Europe – are the latest company to join the B’n’Tree family. TUI Villas reached out to us to help plant trees around the world. And, as always, the trees you help us plant come at no cost to you whatsoever!

TUI Villas Join B’n’Tree – Plant FREE Trees on Your Next Villa Holiday. BnTree lead image with TUI

TUI Villas: Holiday Homes with a Smile

TUI Villas have a huge range of holiday homes and properties available for rental in Europe. Additionally, they have properties in destinations around the world as well. And they pride themselves on providing top quality accommodation and guarantee it with their TUI brand promise.

TUI Villas Join B’n’Tree – Plant FREE Trees on Your Next Villa Holiday. Villa with pool in Alcudia, Spain with TUI Villas and BnTree

A fantastic holiday villa in Alcudia, Mallorca © TUI Villas

You might be looking for a holiday home with a pool, or a relaxing countryside break. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more rustic and romantic. You’ll find all of that and more with TUI Villas.  

TUI Villas Join B’n’Tree – Plant FREE Trees on Your Next Villa Holiday. Stylish flat in Cannes, France, with TUI Villas and BnTree

A stylish getaway in Cannes, France © TUI Villas

There are over 300,000 homes available. The TUI Villas range only includes holiday homes and apartments from verified providers. You can therefore rest assured that you’ll be able to book your holiday accommodation without any worries, regardless of whether the accommodation comes from a private owner, a local agency or a travel operator.

And you can help plant trees with every single one of them! Just start your booking on and we’ll take care of the rest.

TUI Villas Join B’n’Tree – Plant FREE Trees on Your Next Villa Holiday. Villa in Lillehammer, Norway, with TUI . Villas and BnTree

A lovely holiday home near Lillehammer, Norway © TUI Villas

Wondering why you should plant trees when booking with TUI Villas? Not sure about the positive impact trees have on our environment? Check out our Reforesting Madagascar article and find out why we should be planting as many trees as possible.

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TUI Villas Plant Trees with B’n’Tree

This is a seriously exciting new co-operation and one which will plant so many trees around the world. TUI villas have recognized that and are determined to help us plant trees sustainably. We’re delighted they’ve joined our cause and we’re looking forward to the benefits their bookings will bring all of us.

Trees are natural carbon sinks. Furthermore, recent studies confirmed that planting trees is the most effective way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Planting trees also provides sustainable income for local people, and hope for a green future.

TUI Villas are keen to make a difference and have decided to help continue this great work. Good job! We hope that other travel companies will follow their great example. 

Click on any of the images above or the logo below and you’ll find yourself on the TUI Villas home page. Book your next holiday home on their website and we’ll plant a tree. For free. It really is as simple as that.

TUI Villas plant trees with B'n'Tree on bedandtree

How You Can Plant Even More Trees

With every update, we’re reporting more and more trees being planted around the world with our partners. And this is all thanks to you! Keep the good work going and we’ll keep planting trees for free.

TUI Villas are determined to plant trees with us – and this is just one of their TUI branches (no pun intended). Their Villas division is just the beginning. TUI have over 20 million customers every year that can help plant trees. This could have a huge impact on the harmful effect of greenhouse gases.

If you book your holiday homes via B’n’Tree, more TUI divisions are sure to start planting trees in the near future too. Even if you’re not traveling, help us spread the word! The more people that plant trees with TUI Villas, the more chance there is that the rest of TUI will join us soon. And, of course, that goes for other tour operators and travel industry players as well.

By booking with any of our partners through our home page, you can plant trees. Every time you travel you can help plant trees. Whether you’re visiting friends out of town or hiking mountains nearby, you can always plant trees. At absolutely no cost to you. See a pattern here?

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What do you think of TUI Villas joining B’n’Tree to plant trees? Which holiday home are you visiting on your next trip? Finally, where else would you like to see us planting trees?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or joining in on our Facebook conversation about how TUI Villas will plant trees with us.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts until our next exciting announcement!


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