Yogi Tea & Click A Tree Sustainability Webinar

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Hey Yogi Tea Team,

thank you very, very much for your time on Thursday. We truly enjoyed the webinar, and were thankful you participated so vividly.

As discussed, here are some links you might find helpful:

Click A Tree resources:

The official Yogi & Click A Tree webinar presentation.

The Green Business Guide that Steffi mentioned. (Currently unfortunately only available in German, including some sensational words like “Stoßlüften”. We’re working on a translation – let us know your preferred cool word for “impact ventilation” in the comments below.)

Our Green Travel Guide: Over 101 tips how to travel more sustainably. (Plus a link to the spreadsheet we talked about, so you can also easily apply most of these tips in everyday life at home.)

Should you see the need to plant a few trees, you can do so here.

Other Resources:

Responsible search engines include Ecosia and WWF Panda Search. They both run on Bing instead of Google, and invest parts of their profits to fund good stuff, like planting trees or WWF wildlife projects.

Guppyfriend: A bag to wash all your synthetic fabrics in. It prevents microplastic from getting into the waste water.

Sustainable Hotels all across Europe: GreenLine Hotels. (US friends: Seems TripAdvisor now pushes sustainable hotels, too. Here’s a list of green hotels in the US.)
Remember, wherever you go: Every booking that begins on B’n’Tree plants 1 tree – at no cost to you.

Random Joke:

Since you now know how hilarious we are, here is our favorite elephant joke. (In all honesty, it’s only Chris’ favorite joke. Most other people don’t find it as funny, but most of the time they smile politely, so he continues to think it’s hilarious.)

For end of September:

If you take us up on our Yogi Team Challenge to reduce the average footprint from 3.3 planets down to 2.8 planets, you can still find the carbon footprint calculator here to track your developments.


We’ll re-add the questionnaire later in the year.


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