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100+ Sustainable Travel Tips

October 22, 2021
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Hacks & Tips
Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned responsible traveler, you will definitely find a few hacks here to make your trips more environmentally friendly, your travel experience more rewarding and you’ll probably even save some hard earned cash along the way.

Best of all: A lot of these hacks can be applied to everyday life as well, essentially making this an excellent green lifestyle guide at the same time.

About The B’n’Tree Green Travel Guide

The B’n’Tree Green Travel Guide is the most extensive collection of sustainable travel tips in one place, sorted for your browsing pleasure. As well as drawing on our wealth of experience, we contacted over 50 of the top experts in the industry, compiling this list of over 100 hacks for responsible traveling.

We have evaluated and rated those tips, so you can easily find the ones that best suit you and the stage of sustainability that you’re at.

Not only does sustainable travel decrease your carbon footprint, but it also deepens your experience – and often saves you money as well. And yes, it helps other people, endangered animals and our planet at the same time. There literally is no reason to not travel more responsibly.

Disclosure: Mentions in the B’n’Tree Green Travel Guide are not for sale. We only mention people and companies we appreciate and are convinced they deserve a feature in the world’s biggest Sustainable Travel Guide.

Because we recently moved our website, the Green Travel Guide is currently not available. We are working on bringing it back online as soon as possible.

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