Free Trees!

We already explained to you in detail how much a tree costs.
However, we found multiple ways to cover these costs for you, so you can plant trees for free. Are you ready?

So Simple: Here is 1 Free Tree for You

The simplest way to plant a tree for free is by signing up for our newsletter.
It takes 10 seconds, costs you nothing, and plants a tree. If you haven’t done so already, sign up now.

B’n’Tree: Free Trees for Travelers

B’n’Tree is Click A Tree’s tourism brand. We have partnered with the world’s biggest tourism platforms to plant trees.

For every booking that begins on, we receive a marketing remuneration, which we invest into planting trees.

Good for you: This marketing remuneration is paid for by our partners’ marketing budgets, so your booking costs exactly the same, and you can plant free trees whenever you go travel. Both business and leisure trips qualify.

Every completed booking plants one tree – at no cost to you!

Plant Trees While Surfing the Web

The Click A Tree Tree-Planting Assistant turns your web browser into a tree-planting machine.

No matter whether you use Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, now you can plant trees while surfing the web – for free!

While you surf the internet our assistant diligently looks out for opportunities to plant free trees, and notifies you whenever such an opportunity arises.

Whether you make use of that opportunity then and there is entirely up to you. But it never hurts knowing when the chance arises, does it?

In our article we explain how everything works (it takes 3 clicks) and how to uninstall the extension should you not like it (we bet you will!).

More Free Trees for You

Besides the above-mentioned options, there are several more ways that you can plant trees without having to pay for them.

We have compiled an article of the best ways to plant trees for free, including planting trees while eating chocolate, swinging in your hammock or taking a shower.

Please remember that planting trees is never free. It takes a lot of hard work to plant trees, and this hard work needs to be fairly remunerated for things to work in the long-term.

All above options let you plant free trees because someone else is covering these costs. However, please never forget to value a tree for what it is, and for what it takes to grow one.

And don’t forget to also pay for our planet’s reforestation at times. It’s the only way to make all the other options work.

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