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Best Western & Click A Tree – Sustainability in hotels is that simple

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Together for the planet

Chris Kaiser (Click A Tree, CEO) shows how easily sustainability can be implemented in hotels. Here is a summary:

The dream of a corporate forest

The BWH Hotel Group, also known as Best Western, is fulfilling its dream of a corporate forest, the Best Western Forest!

They have been planting trees together with Click A Tree since 2019. A forest can call itself such from 1250 trees, a target that the group has already achieved. They also support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals through their collaboration with Click A Tree.

Kristina Raptis, Senior Marketing Manager at BWH Hotel Group, is a big fan of sustainable commitment. In an interview with Click A Tree, she reveals that Click A Tree’s uncomplicated and holistically sustainable approach is a particular reason for the cooperation.

Planting trees for companies in the hotel industry – economic sustainability

Click A Tree makes it possible to implement sustainability concepts for hotels very easily into existing business models. “The BWH Hotel Group appreciates precisely this uncomplicated approach,” explains Kristina and continues: “Our collaboration was always uncomplicated, it was always easy. A successful partnership is based on trust and the trust in Click A Tree is there!”

Best Western rewards its hotel guests with Rewards promotions: For 1000 loyalty points, it is possible to have a tree planted in Ghana. The hotel itself has no financial risk and guests are free to choose from the premiums on offer.

Frequent travelers often already have everything that is offered in such loyalty programs and are very happy to choose the option of offsetting their travels with a tree.

The Best Western benefits from this campaign because it has been able to record many new registrations for the Best Western Reward program. This is how sustainability becomes a success factor in the hotel industry.

Trust in the authenticity of an environmental service is the foundation of a successful collaboration

Kristina Raptis believes that authenticity, reliability, transparency and mutual trust form the basis of a successful and long-term business relationship. Click A Tree stands for these values, she confirms without hesitation: “Click A Tree is real, we have confidence in their work,” she says openly. And adds: “Chris is the most authentic there is!”

Chris is the founder and CEO of Click A Tree. Having spent his early years in Africa and later worked in Thailand, he is familiar with the situation in tropical regions. He knows that a lot can be achieved here with less money. He has turned his personal concern into his profession and founded Click A Tree GmbH. He now works full-time to ensure that new forests are created in tropical regions.

As an environmental service provider, Click A Tree offers a variety of options for sustainability in hotels

The possibilities for cooperation with Click A Tree are numerous. In addition to the loyalty program, BHW hotels in the MICE sector offer to plant a tree in Ghana for every “green” conference booking. Another campaign that is very popular at trade fairs is the awarding of trees as a thank you for the interest shown in the trade fair stand. For every business card handed in, a new tree is planted, so the Best Western forest continues to grow. At the same time, the company generates valid leads. Which is of course very valuable for a sustainable hotel.

In the housekeeping area, guests have the option of waiving room cleaning. The cleaning costs saved are then invested in planting a tree.

The Click A Tree system creates win-win situations without risk, as the hotels usually incur no additional costs and guests can get involved in a low-threshold, sustainable way.

Exchanging ideas at the BHW Hotels Commercial Huddle in Frankfurt – the future should be sustainable

Sandra Winter and Chris Kaiser were guests at this year’s Commercial Huddle at BHW Hotels in Frankfurt. Sandra had insightful one-on-one conversations with Kristina Raptis, among others. And Chris took part as a keynote speaker. As such, he once again reminded us that reforestation in tropical regions is a great opportunity. This is because Click A Tree takes care of everything from the tree nursery, planting in the area, caring for the young trees and protecting the growing forest to ensure that the resulting ecosystem can thrive unharmed. In return, local people are given full-time permanent positions, receive fair pay and thus social security. The tree plantations not only contribute to reforestation, but also create secure social structures and a habitat for wild animals, some of which are threatened with extinction. The goal is always holistic sustainability in the hotel.

The fact that business schools are built and run, and that food and drinking water also play a role, round off Click A Tree’s profile.

There was great approval from the hoteliers present. Who are making concrete plans for their homes.

Economic sustainability as a success factor for the hotels of the future

Kristina, Sandra and Chris agreed that if sustainability in a hotel can be implemented so easily in an existing company like the Best Western, then this is a sustainable cooperation!

They raised their glasses together.

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