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Creating future prospects for people

Help young people to create a better future for themselves.

“An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest,” Benjamin Franklin already knew.

Show your customers and employees that training and development are important to you by supporting valuable educational projects. We always keep you and your team up to date so that you can share the success stories that are written thanks to you with your networks.

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Graduates of the Business School at their graduation ceremony.

The Click A Tree Business School in Ghana.

Manual skills are also trained here... the IT skills that are mandatory these days.

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The Click A Tree Business School

Our first business school is located in the center of Ghana. Here, unemployed young people learn how to create a better future for themselves.
The basics of entrepreneurship are taught: business plans, accounting, marketing, IT skills – all of which help the ambitious wantrepreneurs to run their own company in the future.
And who knows better which products and services are really needed locally than the people who grew up here?
In this way, the entire community benefits from the apprenticeships.

What you achieve with the educational project


Young people can realize their dream of owning their own company.


The resulting companies promote the entire economy in the region.


Unemployment turns into exciting and wonderful success stories.

By working with Click A Tree, you are supporting many of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

How your company benefits from educational projects

Marketing material:

Education is the longest lasting investment – take your customers on the exciting journey of the people you support.

Employer branding:

You not only support your own team, but also think globally and support people in a less privileged region of our planet. That’s what employees love about employers.

Sales arguments:

83% of all Germans are prepared to pay more for sustainable products. Give them the certainty that they are in the right place with you.

Are you ready to make your company even more attractive?

Minimum effort & maximum effect:

What you get from us

You provide us with your figures on a quarterly basis. We take care of the rest. Minimum effort with maximum effect.

You will receive regular updates, reports, images and, of course, success stories and inspiration for marketing campaigns.

We provide you with ready-made marketing material, including templates for website articles, social media posts and press releases.

We provide you with ongoing marketing inspiration, personalized marketing material and up-to-date images and videos for your corporate communications.

Thanks to our Universal Impact platform, you always have an overview of all the great things you do – and can share them at the click of a mouse.

Bonus: Future prospects paired with tree planting create wonderful synergies.

Minimum effort & maximum impact: Are you in?

Which companies are suitable for educational projects

Education is one of the biggest global challenges. And, of course, all companies are welcome to apply for funding. This educational project is particularly suitable for companies that…