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Moving forward with a good game – the Road reforestation project board game

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Boardgame Road Ghana 2023

Mastering challenges and shaping the future together: A look at innovative solutions

In August 2023, Chris Kaiser, the CEO of Click A Tree, and Uwe Rosenberg, the genius behind the cult game ‘Bohnanza’, met and combined their strengths and sustained commitment to create great things together. The ‘Boardgame Road’ is an ambitious project in which game publishers have joined forces to create 20 hectares of forest in the Ghanaian savannah. Along this unpaved road, 2,000 trees will be planted for each participating publisher.

Reforestation and social commitment in harmony: working together for a sustainable future

Click A Tree is characterized by its holistic approach. The local people are paid fairly for decades to look after the trees. In addition, an entrepreneurial school is being financed to open up promising future prospects for young people in Ghana. The ‘Boardgame Road’ therefore not only offers ecological benefits, but also imparts valuable knowledge.

Your chance to change the world

You too can make a contribution to making our world more sustainable and benefit from it at the same time. Be part of the ‘Boardgame Road’ and help plant trees that have a positive impact on our planet.

Contact us today by phone on +49 176 5566 8266 or simply send us an email to to find out more about our initiative.