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Free choice for a great future

You decide where (Ghana, Philippines or Thailand) and how many trees are planted

Choose the number of trees we can plant for you.

Create jobs, bind CO2, secure habitats for flora and fauna and thus biodiversity, create access to education and food for local people.

We regularly report on the people whose lives you are making a significant difference to. Your networks will love these inspiring stories!

Get started right away or arrange a non-binding initial consultation with us, to discuss your questions.

How your company benefits from planting trees

Marketing material:

The people whose lives you have such a significant positive influence on naturally also move people here in Germany.

Employer branding:

77% of all German employees would like to work for a company that is committed to sustainability. And you fight against many environmental risks – employees love that.

Sales arguments:

83% of all Germans are prepared to pay more for sustainable products. Planting trees therefore increases your turnover many times over.

Are you ready to make your company even more attractive?

Minimum effort & maximum effect:

What you get from us

You provide us with your figures on a quarterly basis. We take care of the rest. Minimum effort with maximum effect.

You will receive regular updates, reports, images and, of course, success stories and inspiration for marketing campaigns.

We provide you with ready-made marketing material, including templates for website articles, social media posts and press releases.

We provide you with ongoing marketing inspiration, personalized marketing material and up-to-date images and videos for your corporate communications.

Thanks to our Universal Impact platform, you always have an overview of all the great things you do – and can share them at the click of a mouse.

Bonus: Working with Click A Tree is at no financial risk to your business.

Minimum effort & maximum impact: Are you in?

Tree planting is suitable for all industries

By working with Click A Tree, you are supporting many of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.