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Trees of life: truly meaningful gifts for the special people in your life

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Happy birth-tree to you, happy birth-tree to you….

In ancient times, the Celtic druids believed that each person had a special tree associated with their month of birth. And with good reason: the lives of trees and humans have been closely linked for thousands of years.

The Celts believed that each tree – ash, birch, alder, etc. – corresponded to a month and gave the person born in that month special characteristics. They called these trees “birth trees”.

Here you can find out which tree is your tree of life, which character traits you even share and how to give the right tree as a gift to the special people in your life.

Tropical arborvitae

Don’t you think the Celtic trees of life are a fantastic idea? Us too! And that is why we have adapted them for our tropical trees.

Because the tropical trees we plant also have superpowers: they provide jobs, food and income for entire communities. (And they are also fighting climate change…!)

Tropical trees are indeed the most meaningful gifts you can give. Do you want to give trees that the birthday boy or girl will really like? In this article, we present a fantastic tropical birth tree for each month.

Please note, in order to avoid monocultures, you can only select the project in which the trees are planted and no specific trees. However, we promise you that every tree will make a real difference to the future of our planet.

January birth tree

People born in January are considered to be strong-willed personalities who go their own way in life. For this reason, they can achieve successes that many others consider impossible.

Its native tree is the acacia, which thrives against all odds in some of the most challenging places in the world.

Acacias protect themselves with long thorns and appear lonely at first glance, but they form the center of entire ecosystems in the savannah.

Give remarkable trees like the acacia to a special person – support our project in Ghana!

February birth tree

People born in February have a high appreciation for art and beauty. They are free-spirited beings who can seem a little unconventional in their outlook on life.

The birth tree for February is the laburnum tree, one of the most spectacular and extravagant of the tropical trees!

February birthday children are very caring, and this also applies to the laburnum tree. Its roots, bark, fruits, leaves and seeds have healing properties.

Do you want to plant a beautiful tree for someone you care about? You can do just that with our project in Thailand!

March Birth tree

Creativity and empathy are attributed to those born in March. They prefer peace and quiet to the hustle and bustle.

Its native tree is the mangrove, whose protection creates an area of calm in the midst of the stormiest waters.

And speaking of creativity: have you seen the fantastic patterns formed by the aerial roots of the mangroves? These anchor and protect the fragile seabed of islands such as the Philippines and provide a safe nursery for marine animals.

Our team plants mangroves in the Philippines.

Did you already know? Mangroves are the superheroes of our planet! They remove huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere and protect entire islands.

With our “Trees for the oceans” project, you can give the gift of extraordinary mangrove trees to someone. For every mangrove tree planted, we also remove 1 kg of plastic from the sea!

Trees for the oceans

April birth tree

Those born in April wear their hearts on their sleeves. They love being the center of attention and make friends easily.

The perfect birth tree for April babies is Moringa, also known as the tree of life because of its nutrient-rich fruits and leaves.

Moringa has many fans all over the world. In recent years, it has received a lot of attention in the press for its numerous health benefits: April’s Birth Tree even has its own line of nutritional supplements!

Bring a smile to the April birthday boy or girl’s face! With“Trees for Entrepreneurs” in Ghana you can plant great trees like the Moringa.

With every tree you plant there, you are also supporting an entrepreneurial school for young Ghanaians and helping them to realize their dreams.

May birth tree

Many talented musicians, actors and artists have their birthday in May: Audrey Hepburn, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder, to name but a few.

Fittingly, the birth tree of the May children is the mahogany tree, a tree whose refreshingly cool shade promotes concentration and creativity.

The mahogany tree is very versatile: There is much more to this tree than just beautiful wood! Its leaves and bark have numerous health benefits and can lower fever and blood pressure and even fight cancer1.

Bouquets of flowers at the artists’ entrance are so passé… Plant fantastic trees for the star in your life!
Click here to get started!

June birth tree

People born in June are characterized by a high degree of empathy and insight. They are also often very creative, which makes them masters at problem solving.

The birth tree in June is the neem tree: a tree that is so versatile that it always has the right thing ready for every situation.

Neem trees are nature’s true problem solvers: they repel mosquitoes and other pests, clean teeth, treat dandruff and athlete’s foot and provide the ingredients for a range of wonderful creams and soaps for sensitive skin2.

Neem is not the only fabulous, multi-talented tree we grow in our project in Ghana. To give the MacGyver in your life a crafty tree (or three!), click here:

Plant trees in Ghana

July birth tree

July birthday children are kind-hearted and understanding, but can also be a little eccentric. They are also often very adventurous. The tree associated with her birth month is the grape fig, a nutritious fruit that is not for the faint-hearted!

All parts of the grape fig are good for your health and it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. But be careful: figs depend on wasps for pollination, and every organic fruit still contains a small piece of wasp.

Is there a better gift for an adventurous soul than a tree? A tree that supports elephants! Click here to plant trees for elephants.

August birth tree

People born in August are warm-hearted, committed to philanthropy and love to be at the heart of their family.

They also tend to be very hard-working. That’s why the tree for August-borns is the baobab, the most generous and family-friendly tree ever!

The baobab tree cares for animals and humans alike: All of its many products are extremely useful, and in Ghana entire villages and ecosystems rely on its soothing mass to provide them with food, water and shelter.

You can plant incredibly useful trees through our project in Ghana: “Trees for Entrepreneurs” is dedicated to helping the local community – the perfect gift for August birthdays!

September birth tree

People born in September are organized and intelligent. Their innovative power can take on ingenious proportions. September’s birth tree is the banana, a tree that is simply brilliant!

Bananas are famous for their delicious fruit, but their huge leaves are also amazing.

Did you know that banana leaves are a fabulous alternative to plastic? In Ghana, they are used to wrap food and as plates and drinking cups. They can also be woven into sturdy baskets, bags and even furniture!

Birthstones are totally overrated. Trees like the banana and the baobab are a very special gift, now and for the future! Through our “Trees for Entrepreneurs” project in Ghana, you can give these trees as a gift to a very special person.

October birth tree

People born in October are considered the children of Fortuna, who have luck on their side. Honest and conscientious, they can achieve a lot in life. The perfect gift for these lucky people is the money tree, whose five-fingered leaf has an important meaning for Feng Shui practitioners!

This robust and hardy tree is said to bring good luck. It also has other benefits: The tree produces pods full of tasty seeds, which have earned it its other name, the malabar chestnut.

Happy birthday children deserve happy trees! Through our “Trees for Elephants” project in Thailand, you can give wonderful trees such as the money tree as a gift.

Trees for elephants

November birth tree

November people are born optimists. They are generous and full of empathy. Whenever you spend time with them, you simply feel good!

There is a very special birth tree for these special people: The shea tree, whose seeds have almost magical properties!

The shea tree gives us shea butter, which is known all over the world for its great moisturizing and beauty-enhancing properties.

But this tree can do so much more: its fruits and leaves are known for their effectiveness against skin diseases, rheumatism and typhus3. You can give one of these fantastic trees as a gift through our project in Ghana!

Birth tree December

Those born in December make good decisions in both their professional and private lives. They are also very loyal friends. Its native tree is teak, which is known for its solidity and longevity.

Teak is a true friend of the forest. Its flowers and seeds nourish a variety of animals and are valued by humans for their medicinal properties.

Each towering tree provides a habitat for hundreds of forest animals, including highly endangered species such as orangutans and forest elephants.

Teak is a great tree – in every respect! That’s why we plant it in Thailand and Ghana. With just a few clicks, you can give such a fabulous tree to a December birthday boy or girl.

Happy Birth-tree!

Which fabulous birth tree belongs to you? Give yourself a present and plant your birth tree here. And while you’re at it, you can also give trees as gifts to your friends and family.

Tropical trees of life really are the most meaningful gifts for anyone you care about. Every tree helps our planet in the fight against climate change, protects wildlife and provides local people with an income and a chance for a better future.

To make it easier for you to decide which projects you would like to support, we have put together a practical overview of each birth tree/month for you here:

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