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11 easy ways that you can plant trees for free

Chris Kaiser, Founder of Click A Tree
Updated for 2020

Do you know how much a tree costs? And did you know you can plant free trees while booking travel, eating sushi (or even chocolate), while writing emails and searching the web, taking a shower or swinging in a hammock?

No? Then go check out these amazing hacks how to plant trees for free. No cost, no effort, no excuses. (Oh, and: Yes, we’ll also tell you how much a tree costs. You’ll be surprised!)

Cool, thanks for letting us know. We hope you’ll find what you came for below.

Plant Trees for Free

Planting trees is a good thing. And it’s even better when it’s free! If you choose one of these excellent ways to plant trees for free you don’t even have to plant that tree yourself.

All you have to do is pat yourself on the back for having done a good deed. Then go ahead and share this article with your family and friends, so they can plant free trees as well.

According to scientists, this is the final decade we have to save our planet.

The Twentrees: The Decade That Saves Our Planet

Disclosure: Some of the below partners pay us a commission when you purchase from them. Your sales price remains exactly the same, and we invest that commission into planting trees. For these partners we explicitly mention to begin your purchase on our website.

Why you should plant trees in the first place

Trees are masters of many trades. They combat climate change, turn CO2 into vital O2 and offer habitat and food for exotic wildlife species.

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In addition, planting trees creates jobs for local communities in need. So yes, you are a hero when planting trees. Good work, you!

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Below we have listed a few companies that plant trees for you – at no cost to you. Hence you can plant trees, but you don’t have to do it yourself, nor invest any of your hard-earned cash for paying someone to do it for you.

For further information we have added a few sections on whether free trees are really free, how you can plant free trees and how much a tree costs (including three examples). However, should you be in a rush and would like to get planting right away, click here to scroll down to our first tip.

Are Free Trees really free?

Common business wisdom tells you that “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. Yet we are confidently stating that you can plant trees for free – without having to do it yourself. This hence raises the questions whether free trees are really free, or whether there’s a catch.

Let’s be honest here: Yes. And no. No, free trees are not free. Planting and looking after a tree costs money. We will discuss the cost of a tree below.

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But yes, they are free. For you. Because others pay for it. This could be because you buy a product from them or use their services. Or interact with them in a way that they find rewardable, such as signing up for their newsletter.

As you have understood by now: Planting trees for free is partly the will of a company to do good for the planet, and partly a marketing strategy. But who doesn’t love marketing strategies that change the world for the better?

Example: How you can plant trees for free

Despite everything in life coming at a certain cost, here is how you can plant trees for free.

Consider B’n’Tree, for example. We plant trees whenever you place a booking with one of our partners. These partners remunerate us for referring you as a client and pay us a marketing commission. We then invest that commission into planting trees.

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If you wouldn’t begin your booking on, this commission would remain in the pockets of our partners or be spent on Google Ads or TV spots. We opine it is best invested into planting trees. Do you agree?

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Other companies plant trees when you buy their products. The concept is similar: They could pocket the extra profits, or they can invest them into making our planet a better place.

In case you agree the latter option is more tempting, then please keep on reading to find out about several companies that plant free trees for you. Please use their services, buy their products, and don’t forget to recommend them to your friends and family – most easily done by simply sharing this article.

In case you know other companies that plant free trees for their clients and users, please join our Facebook discussion about planting trees for free or add a comment below with any company that should make this list. We are always keen to learn about fellow forest reforesters. 

How much does a tree cost?

Since we already stated that free trees aren’t actually free, you may wonder how much a tree costs. And let us tell you – that’s a very good question.

The costs of a tree are determined by various factors. These include the location, land ownership, labor costs, and the caretaking of the tree.

It also depends on what kind of tree you are planting and whether you simply put a seed into the ground, pre-grow a sapling in a tree nursery or order a fully-grown tree to be transplanted to your desired location.

General rule of thumb: The bigger the tree, the higher the costs.

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And then there’s the question of the plan, the strategy. Do you want to plant a single tree? A mono culture plantation? Or a highly diverse ecosystem to create a self-sufficient forest to battle climate change and offer food and habitat to a myriad of animals?

Should you opt for the latter, it complicates things. You’ll need to plan which tree species to plant so they can support each other, how many of which, how much distance you need between each species and how to proceed once the trees have grown big.

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As you can see, the answer to the question “How much does a tree cost?” is similarly complex to answering “How much does a car cost?” or “How much does a house cost?”.

Nevertheless, to offer you a few first hints, here are three examples of how much a tree costs.



Costs of a Tree – Part I: The Backyard Tree

A friend of ours recently transplanted a fully-grown tree to his backyard in Germany to provide shade.

This tree had been pre-grown in a tree nursery for about 6 months. It was then transplanted every two years for 24 years to remain ‘transplantable’. That’s a lot of effort and requires a lot of labor – and hence adds to the cost of this tree.

It was solely grown for the purpose of one day being transplanted into someone’s backyard, so this person can sit under its shade.

Costs for this tree: 25,000 EUR.

Costs of a Tree – Part II: The City Tree

We always look for new opportunities to plant trees. Amongst others we thought about planting trees in inner cities. These cool down the temperature, clean the air, offer a nesting place for birds and a toilet for dogs.

So we inquired with a few city councils.

The results: Planting a single tree in Nuremberg in Germany costs 5,000 euros! In Frankfurt it’s 2,000 euros, in Cologne you can plant and nurse a tree for as little as 1,200 euros.

That’s a lot of money. But it makes sense: Inner-city property in Germany is expensive. In addition, city trees are planted several meters apart and need a lot of caretaking and guarding to survive the first years (think dogs or drunk people).

Lastly, one should note that labor costs in Germany are significantly higher than in most other countries.

Needless to say we haven’t planted any inner-city trees yet. We invest our budget where it is needed the most and offers the highest return on investment.

Costs of a Tree – Part III: Planting Trees En Masse

Since neither of the above is a feasible solution for Click A Tree, we chose option three: Planting trees en masse in countries with lower labor costs. These often are countries in tropical regions, and has several advantages:

Firstly, jobs are usually needed more dearly in these countries.

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Secondly, since many of these countries happen to be in or near the tropics, trees grow a lot faster than in more temperate climate zones, absorbing CO2 a lot faster than they would elsewhere.

Thirdly, unfortunately these often are countries with high deforestation rates, where reforestation efforts are most urgently needed.

Fourthly, the biodiversity in the tropics is higher than outside the tropics, and trees are desperately needed for these plants and animals to survive.

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And lastly: The costs per tree are significantly lower, due to lower costs for labor, land, administration etc. One tree can be planted and nursed at between 5-20 EUR per tree. And yes, that already includes the costs for land and caretaking for at least three years.

That’s why we preferably plant trees in the tropics. You can help us by planting trees today.

Note: Planting trees en masse doesn’t mean creating huge monoculture plantations. Especially when planting on a grand scale it is important to plant various types of trees that can support and protect each other.

All our tree-planting partners are putting high emphasis on a well-balanced variety of different tree species when planting. After all, our aim is to plant self-sufficient forests as animal habitat.

Costs of a Tree – Part IV: The Cheapest Trees

Since we often get asked: Yes, you can plant trees for less money than described above. Some companies offer to plant trees for a few Cents per plant.

We’re not badmouthing anyone who’s planting trees, since every tree counts.

However, imagine you would be tasked with developing a sustainable tree-planting strategy. You’d then be asked to select, purchase and sort the required seeds.

Then plant these seeds in a tree nursery, nurse them daily for three to six months, then plant the sapling out in the field and continue to nurse it for multiple years.

How much would you charge to go through all this trouble?

See, in the end, it’s not about planting as many trees as possible. That would result in mono cultures and underpaid workers.

If we do go sustainable, we need to be holistically sustainable to a) plant the right trees in the right combination and b) fairly remunerate everyone involved in the process.

Fair remunderation ensures that the workers benefit from their hard work and also guarantees the survival of the trees. No fairly paid worker would cut down the trees he’s being paid to guard, would he?

So let’s make reforestation fair for everyone. Only then does the project become holistically sustainable and can work for the decades to come.

Read more about planting trees the right way. At our reforestation project in Ghana planting trees even supports a local entrepreneurship school, so unemployed young people can create a better future for themselves. How good is that?

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Let’s start planting trees!

Enough background information. Let’s start planting trees!

We promised that others can plant the trees for you. And we surely stand by our promise.

Below you find various companies that pay for the costs of the trees. As mentioned, that doesn’t mean the trees are free, but since these companies are bearing the costs, the trees are free for you.

Should none of the below options appeal to you, or should you be in the mood to do our planet an additional favor: With Click A Tree you can plant trees anytime, anywhere.

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Trees are the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas or any other occasion. They’re valuable, sustainable and long-lasting. As said: The perfect gift.

Of course you can plant trees anytime. Simply because they’re good for mother Earth. And she needs our support now more than ever before.

When planting trees with Click A Tree, they’re not free, of course. However, you just learned how much a tree costs, and what’s involved in planting trees.

So if we all contribute our small part to reforesting our planet we may even be successful in averting a climate crisis.

‘Nuff Said. Let’s start planting trees!

B’n’Tree: You travel, we tree. For Free!

B’n’Tree is Click A Tree for Travelers. B’n’Tree is the travel platform that plants trees.

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For every booking originating on B’n’Tree we plant one tree – for free. The trees are paid for from the marketing budget of our partners. Your booking price stays exactly the same.

Partners are the world’s largest booking platforms, such as Booking, Expedia, Skyscanner and many others.

B’n’Tree hence is the simplest option to plant trees. You need exactly one click of your mouse (that on the B’n’Tree website) to plant one tree. Sustainability won’t get much simpler than that.

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We all love travel. Whether it’s your next weekend escape or annual vacation, business trip or lesiure – every booking beginning on B’n’Tree plants one tree.

To increase your impact, share the concept with your family, friends and co-workers. Every tree helps!

Visit B’n’Tree on:

I Love Sushi: Plant trees for free while savoring sen-sushi-nal sushi!

As the name says, the team at I Love Sushi loves sushi. And that’s why they’re really good at making it.

What’s more, they also love trees. That’s why they’re planting trees for all customers ordering the specially created “Tree Rolls”. It’s an incredibly delicious vegetarian sushi treat.

The beauty: Because it’s so delicious, you will want more, hence you will plant more trees in the process. And all that without paying a single Cent extra! How cool is that?

Read more about the cooperation between I Love Sushi and Click A Tree. Alternatively, head straight to their website. Or, even better, ditch the phone and get going. There’s sensationally delicious sushi to be had! What are you waiting for?

Pro Tip: Should you not be in Stuttgart right now, share this with someone in Stuttgart to let them know what to order for dinner!


Visit I Love Sushi on:

MailerLite: Plant free trees while writing Emails

Emails are the cornerstone of modern communication. We all use it almost every day. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could plant trees while writing emails?

Now you can. Meet MailerLite.

As one of the best email marketing programs in the world, MailerLite helps you spread the word about your own awesomeness (and that of your business) to everyone who’s willing to listen. It’s the email program we use at Click A Tree as well, so if you’d like to see it in action, you can test it by subscribing to our newsletters here. 


MailerLite offers a powerful free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, and the fairest pricing plan in the industry for higher tiers. In addition, they offer sensational customer service, both for free and paid plans, so you always have help at hand when you need it.

Of course, they also have sign-up forms, landing pages, marketing automation tools and a lot more.

Don’t just take our word for it. Sign up with MailerLite today. As said, up to 1,000 subscribers it’s free, so you have sufficient time to test all the features before upgrading to a paid plan.

Important: Please note we only plant a tree for every paid plan, and only if you signed up via our MailerLite link. The beauty: As long as you continue to use MailerLite, we plant one tree for you – every year!


Visit MailerLite on:

Gexsi & WWF Panda Search: The search engines that plant trees

Gexsi and WWF Panda Search are two further excellent options to plant trees for free. Simply use Gexsi (or Panda Search) as search engine – and you’re already doing good.

Like every other search engine, Gexsi and Panda Search generate revenue by displaying ads.

The difference is: These two invest the majority of their revenue to do good.

Yes, both Gexsi and Panda Search need to pay their employees as well, invest in marketing and improve their search algorithms. But a minimum of 50% of their revenue is invested into meaningful projects across the globe. That’s more than other search engines invest!

Projects can be reforstation projects but also projects with a social impact.

While WWF Padan Search understandably support WWF projects, Gexsi focuses on supporting social entrepreneurship.

One could say WWF Panda Search is the perfect search engine for environment, nature and animal lovers, while Gexsi is for everyone keen to make the world a better place for fellow humans.

And you can support all that simply by surfing and searching the web! How good is that?

Brownie points: Gexsi and WWF Panda Search are the only search engines we have found so far that actually offer customers service and reply to user requests! That’s some big brownie points in a world that’s usually reigned by machines.



Visit Gexsi on:


And here you can find WWF Panda Search:

Kushel: These towels are made from trees – and plant trees

Kushel is a German company mixing cotton with reforested beech wood to produce towels. For every sold towel they plant two trees – for free.

Making towels with wood instead of pure cotton lowers the environmental impact of the production. At the same time, thirsty beech wood fibers increase the towel’s water absorbency as well as the longetivity of its soft touch.

However, Kushel’s eco-friendliness doesn’t end here. The company offsets all its carbon emissions and creates fresh blue water to compensate their entire production. Their worldwide shipping is carbon neutral. And, on top of that, they plant two free trees for every towel sold.

When you buy a Kushel towel, you are factually buying a carbon-negative product. So you not just dry yourself with an awesome towel, you also bath in the glorious feeling of having done something great for the planet. How cool is that?

Don’t hesitate. Get yourself and your family a cozy Kushel towel. In no time you’ll be a #treefluencer.


Visit Kushel on:

SiteGround: One free tree for hosting your website

We won’t elaborate how omnipresent websites are. You know they’re everywhere. You’re looking at one right now.

In case you or your company have one (or several) yourself, your websites can now plant trees. As long as your website is hosted on SiteGround, and you signed up via our SiteGround link, we plant a tree for you – for free!

SiteGround is not just awesome because they plant trees. They also deliver the very best customer service amongst any website host we’ve tested so far (we tested over a dozen), and it’s the company our founder Chris trusts since 2016 with all websites he has built and run since then.

In case you’re looking for a website hosts that works (and offers immediate help via live chat, ticket system or telephone (with real humans!) in case something is off), look no further than SiteGround.

And should you currently use a different host: SiteGround offers a super fast migration srevice.

By signing up via the below link you ensure our planet gains another beautiful tree thanks to you!



Visit SiteGround on:

10Tree: Tree-Planting Clothing Brand

10Tree plants free trees whenever you purchase any of the cool clothing items in their online store. Yes, you do need to pay for the purchases, but the trees that are planted by 10Tree come without cost for you.

And 10Tree lives up to its name here: They not just plant one or two, but always ten trees for every product you buy! So go ahead and start your Free-Tree-Shopping-Spree! states there are two billion t-shirts sold every year. This number might be even higher, but if we planted 10 trees for each of those t-shirts, we had 20 billion free trees planted per year. That’s enough to offset the current global deforestation rate of 15 billion trees per year.

Thanks to 10Tree’s advanced IT you can even track the trees that you have planted and see how they are making a real-world difference. Feel-good shopping at its best.

For visual #nextoutfitinspiration, check out the 10Tree Instagram profile.


Visit 10tree on:

Madera. Hammocks need trees!

Madera is a US brand selling outdoor gear of all kinds. The biggest part of their portfolio are hammocks. And since you need two trees to hang up your hammock, Madera plants these trees for you. Every hammock purchase plants two trees – for free, of course.

They made a really cool 58-second-video, which says it all.

In addition to planting two free trees for every sold hammock, Madera also has a few products that plant even more trees, like this 10-tree-ring. Guess how many trees will be planted when you buy one?

If you love the outdoors, you will love Madera.


Visit Madera on:

The Nu+Company: Where eating chocolate plants free trees

The Nu+Company is reinventing chocolate on many different levels. Yes, they do plant a free tree for every chocolate bar you buy. But there’s more: Nucao chocolate bars are wrapped in plastic-free packaging. Simply throw the biodegradable cellulose wrap in the compost after enjoying your bar.

On top of the outer value, the inner values convince as well. Nucao bars are made of nothing but eight organic ingredients. Unsurprisingly, all these ingredients are directly and fairly traded, preventing child and slave labor. Agreements and audits with Peruvian cocoa farmers ensure sustainable farming practices.

Processed sugars are substituted with coconut nectar, avoiding sugar highs as well as the subsequent lows. So nucao chocolate bars are not just great for the environment, but also great for you.

Nucao chocolate is already super popular and widely available throughout Europe. Should you live outside the reach of the tree-planting chocolate empire, reach out to them to request delivery to your place. Or convince your favorite chocolate dealer to plant a tree for you next time you stock up on supply.

Oh, and: The nu+company is selling protein shake powder as well. Same deal: Purely plant-based, plastic-free packaging, and one free tree planted for every product sold. Feeling good never felt so good!


Visit the Nu+Company on:

refurbed: Plant a free tree when buying refurbished electronics

Refurbed sells smartphones, laptops, tablets and screens. For every sold product they plant a tree – for free.

Great prices, free shipping and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy make shopping at refurbed a worry-free experience.

Items sold are either display items bought in bulk or used devices that have been fully refurbished. This helps reduce electronic waste and CO2 emissions. In addition, refurbed reforests the planet.

Fear not: Should anything not work as advertised, you can return the product within 30 days free of charge. On top of that, refurbed offers a minimum one-year warranty on all products.

Next time you’re looking for a new smartphone, tablet or laptop, think of refurbed – and plant a free tree with your purchase.

Note: Refurbed currently operates in Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland. Should you not live in either of these countries, use Gexsi to find similar local initiatives. Or contact your preferred retailer and encourage them to start planting free trees as well.

Visit refurbed on:

Tree Tribe: Outdoor lifestyle brand that plants trees for free

Tree Tribe is a community driven outdoor lifestyle brand that plants 10 trees with every sale. As with 10Tree, you do have to pay the items you buy, but, again, the trees are planted without any additional cost to you.

Besides clothing, Tree Tribe offers extremely cool sunglasses made of wood and bamboo, eye-catching wallets made of ‘leaf leather’ as well as beautiful eco-friendly stainless-steel water bottles that come with a lifetime warranty.

Besides their products you will find some stunning landscapes and outdoor shots on the Tree Tribe Instagram. Amazing inspiration for all nature-loving travelers.



Visit Tree Tribe on:

Our planet needs more free trees!

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