Click A Tree and The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Did you know that you can help end world poverty and hunger, fight climate change, and give millions of cute baby animals a safe home to live in?

Are you aware that you can contribute to 16 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – right here, right now? Yes, yes you can. And yes, as a matter of fact, you deserve a superhero cape for that. Let us explain.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree

What Are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are 17 goals developed by the United Nations (UN)¹. They’re the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for every being on Earth.

The 17 goals are all related and are designed to leave no one behind. Each of the goals addresses a global challenge that we all face.

These include poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, and peace and justice.

They’re an important part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development². And, since we’re already 5 years into that 15-year plan, this current decade is critical.

The Sustainable Development Goals That Click A Tree Supports

So now you know what the sustainable development goals are. Where does Click A Tree come in? Well, planting trees helps with 16 of the following 17 SDGs.

This shows why planting trees saves the planet in so many different ways.

1. No Poverty

Global poverty is a complicated and far-reaching issue. Planting trees won’t solve it overnight – but it will certainly help. Many of our tree-planting sites are in countries with a typically low income and high levels of unemployment.

When we plant trees, we don’t employ volunteers. Instead, we employ local people with a fair wage. It’s stable and reliable.

It means that people who used to battle poverty can afford to purchase household essentials, and can even afford school.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree No Poverty

2. Zero Hunger

Everybody knows that certain trees produce fruit. These trees feed both humans and animals.

While we mostly focus on creating thriving ecosystems as habitat for animals, projects like our syntropic farming approach in Ghana simultaneously produce crops to eat and sell for the local community.

In addition, there’s the salary all our workers receive, which enables them to buy the food they need. What’s more, forests also help to restore water cycles and improve the quality of the soil.

The whole area around our reforestation projects, including nearby farms, benefits from more nutritious soil, restored rain cycles and hence higher-quality crops.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Zero Hunger

3. Good Health and Well-being

Good food and clean water are important for good health. But what about clean, high-quality air? What about exercise, the money to afford healthcare, and a booming, healthy community?

What about a positive mindset and positive mental health? A long walk in a quiet forest is very calming, and many of us naturally relax in lush green surroundings.

Oh, and a stable income to prevent you from worrying about what to eat next week definitely calms you down as well.

Planting trees makes all of that possible, as Boto and Mary found out in the Miracle of Mahabana.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Health and Wellbeing

4. Quality Education

We’ve already mentioned that when local people plant trees with Click A Tree, they receive a salary that helps them afford education for themselves and their children.

But could we go one further? What about actually building and supporting a local entrepreneurship school? Can planting trees really support education? It already does. And you can read all about in our Click A Tree Project Introduction: Ghana.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Education

5. Gender Equality

Women around the world are employed to help plant trees with Click A Tree. In many countries where we plant trees, ladies have traditionally been expected to do chores, cook, and remain indoors.

Planting trees helps change that. By working on our tree-planting farms, female workers can now make a career for themselves and become an important part of their community.

As Sushila and Kanji found out in our Nepal Success Story, a career in our young-tree nursery can be life-changing.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

We give trees a lot of attention – that’s because they’re a significant part of a fascinating ecosystem. One of the most important elements of that ecosystem is the water cycle: trees help to restore it.

After a rain they hold Earth’s water supply like a natural sponge. This ensures there’s enough water in the well in the first place.

Trees purify water. They replenish soils with essential vitamins. They support vital watershed areas and help the land to naturally manage its water levels.

Not bad, right? These are just a few of the reasons why trees are awesome.

10 Resons why trees are awesome Click A Tree

Instead of constructing new water treatment facilities that are ineffective and overworked, trees can clean the water naturally. We just have to plant more of them in watershed areas.

A study by the Thomas Reuters Foundation makes it clear that planting trees can significantly improve sanitation in poorer countries³.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Clean Water

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

For this sustainable development goal, we could tell you all about the ways that wood is burnt and about the benefits of biomass energy. It may be clean, renewable energy, but that’s not really the point of our Click A Tree trees.

We create sustainable, functioning ecosystems that are not meant to be burnt down. So creating affordable and clean energy is the only SDG we currently don’t contribute to.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Clean Energy

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Planting trees is certainly no walk in the park – but the work is more than decent. For a start, you’re receiving a fair, dependable wage. Our workers also have opportunities and responsibilities at work, and there’s potential for career progression.

But more importantly, decent work benefits the whole community. Our workers earn money and naturally spend their salaries within the community, supporting other local businesses in the process.

As more people get stable work and unemployment drops, the overall economy in the area begins to grow and prosper.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Many of our tree-planting projects begin on a small scale. But once support grows and you help us to plant even more trees, a lot of magic happens within the industry. Trees already help to create better water and improve sanitation.

But that tree-planting boost also funds badly-needed new roads and improves the resources of the community. Thanks to the entrepreneurship school that we support in Ghana, trees also foster innovation and technology.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Innovation

10. Reduced Inequalities

Gender equality is extremely important – but it’s only one of many inequalities that trees help to change. As you help to plant more trees, more people are employed to plant trees too.

That being the case, more people around the world have an income and the opportunity to send their children to school. Income and education allow families and communities to work towards a better life and reduce inequalities around the globe.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Reduced Inequalities

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Seriously – is there anything more sustainable than planting trees? Planting trees involves little machinery or fuel, and there’s no waste either. Air quality is improved and the whole ecosystem benefits.

Moreover, planting trees also helps to create a self-sufficiency model.

Our tree-planters learn new skills and naturally pass them on to their children. As the next generation are taught how to make a salary by planting trees, they also learn about soil, water cycles, food security, and sustainability.

The entire community becomes sustainable in a healthy, long-term way.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Communities

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Planting trees is just one step on the journey to living a more responsible and sustainable life. Once you begin planting trees, you begin to appreciate the bigger picture. Trees are a powerful tool in the battle against climate change.

They inspire all of us to think beyond our own backyard and therefore make us consume more responsibly. People who plant trees become more eco-conscious consumers.

They buy sustainable products from companies that plant trees (like these partners within our community).

These companies understand their clients’ wishes and put a firm emphasis on responsible production. It’s the perfect opposite of a vicious circle. And trees are the catalyst.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Responsible Consumption and Production

13. Climate Action

Our Mother Earth has spent hundreds of millions of years perfecting the ideal weapon in the battle against climate change for us.

You guessed it: trees! Trees are natural carbon sinks. They store the carbon that is rapidly heating up the planet while providing a home for millions of endangered animals.

They also improve water quality, air quality, and soil quality, while slowing down the impact of climate change. It seems like the world is on fire right now.

Climate change is wreaking havoc in every corner of the globe, and water temperatures continue to rise. Trees help to combat all of this⁴.

Why don’t we listen to Mother Earth and plant more trees?

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Climate Action

14. Life Below Water

Yes, you read that correctly. Trees also help with life below water. Mangrove trees are extremely important in many tropical parts of the world, including Madagascar and Indonesia.

These trees provide a refuge for marine life with a web of elaborate roots that are partially submerged in the water. Parrotfish, grouper, and shrimp are just a few of the many animals that depend on mangrove trees.

That’s because, in the area surrounding the roots, the water is cooler and enriched with oxygen. The roots also create an ideal nursery station by protecting juvenile fish and harboring bacteria that they can feed on.

Scientists have discovered that the decline in the number of adult fish in the sea is directly linked to the decline in mangrove tree populations⁵.

Quite simply, we need more trees to support life below water. See? We told you that trees can help the world in so many different ways.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Life below Water

15. Life On Land

Similarly, trees support life on land. And not just us – they support every single breathing organism on the planet. Trees provide us with the air we need to breathe.

They provide us with shelter and with so many other valuable resources. That support is even more significant for animals, since trees create a habitat for them to live in.

Fruits and seeds are vital food sources and many animals will spend their entire life reliant on trees. No matter where you’re from, what you earn, or what your background is, every single one of us relies on trees.

No trees = no life on land. It’s that simple.

This is why we need you to help us continue planting more trees and combating destructive deforestation. Even the biggest land-based animals are lost without trees.

You can protect their future by planting more trees and creating more of the habitat they depend on.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Life on Land

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

A career, safety, and improved resources are life-changing for many, many people. Human trafficking, homicide, and sexual violence are still rife in many parts of the world.

Our tree-planting projects bring hope to areas which, previously, had very little.

Planting trees allows our workers to focus on a career, and avoid bad influences and danger. A reliable salary means they can further their education and develop a better life.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Peace

17. Partnerships

Planting trees is a truly global cooperation – because it’s a truly global cause. At Click A Tree, we work with people in Thailand, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, Peru, and several others, to plant and nurse your trees.

Our Click A Tree team is international too – we currently have support from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. And on top of that, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the world of travel and tourism.

You can partner up with us as well. If you’re interested in planting trees with us, then get in touch to find out about the options you have. We’re all stronger together. And when we plant trees, the planet is too.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree Partnerships

What Do The Sustainable Development Goals Mean For You?

We’re so grateful to every single one of you reading this. You’ve done so much for us and for mother Earth already. But can we ask for even more?

We’ve really spelt out how valuable trees are to the sustainable development goals, haven’t we? We’re doing that for a reason!

Trees save the planet – and in so many different ways. Help us to keep on planting trees by remembering us every time somebody mentions sustainability, by using Google Chrome, and of course, by planting trees yourself.

Click A Tree explains 3 simple steps turn Google Chrome into a browser that plants trees on clickatree

And your company can benefit as well. When you plant trees with Click A Tree, you’ll attract new clients and increase both client and employee loyalty.

Everybody considers the sustainability ethos of a company before they commit to a purchase these days – and that’s no coincidence:

When you plant trees for your customers, you market yourself to a much wider, environmentally-conscious audience. You’ll reach a larger target audience, oh… and you’ll be helping to save the world!

And that whole time, you can tell your customers all about the sustainable development goals, since you’ll be helping to make the world a better place for everyone.

Let’s Keep Planting Trees!

So it’s as simple as that. Plant trees with us, and you’ll be actively contributing to 16 of the 17 sustainable development goals! Let’s keep on planting trees, supporting the sustainable development goals, and saving the world.

Want to make the world a better place right now?

Share our Instagram content with your followers. Get involved with our Facebook conversation about the sustainable development goals. Sign up for our free newsletter GROW.

We’ll plant a tree just to say thanks for joining our community. Then you can double the benefits by planting a little sibling to that tree here.

Planting Trees

Stay awesome, and thank you so much for your efforts so far! Let’s see how far this exciting new decade takes us. Welcome to the Twentrees!

The Twentrees Plant More Trees Click A Tree






  1. Debdas Ray

    This is for the first time, I came across with your work. I am a Freelance Researcher in the field of Environmental Sustainability, more particularly interested in the implementation of 17 SDGs. I am overwhelmed in seeing your objectives.
    Congratulations! Great work done. Keep it up.

    • Chris

      Hi Ray,

      Thank you very much for your message and your kinds words. It is people like you who give us the energy to do what we do, so thank you very much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.

      Also, great to hear you’re researching about this topic. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance with the research or similar.

      Thanks Ray – keep up the great work!

      Best regards,


    • Kofi

      Great. What you are doing means that WHAT NATION BUILDERS CM NETWORK-GHANA are doing may have a great impactful results.

      Great things. Kudos

      • Chris

        Thank you for your kind words, Kofi.

        Since not everyone is familiar with what you do – would you mind explaining your ventures to other interested readers?



    • Steven Lawson

      Congratulations on the work you are doing working towards the UN goal. I was researching for a university project for my team, on working out what measures or actions can be taken to ensure the sustainable legacy of the Birmingham 2022 commonwealth games and came across your site. It has truly inspired me and gave me lots of ideas for my project. I am going to propose to plant a tree in and around Birmingham. As I live in Birmingham I can truly picture the legacy planting a tree as a memorial to the games will bring to the city helping it to be more sustainable.

      • Margarita Price

        Hi Steven, thank you so much for your comment and kind words! We’re always delighted to read such positive messages. We’re glad you found inspiration for the Birmingham 2022 commonwealth games here and we agree, planting a tree is always a great idea! Best, Margarita

  2. Amita Singh

    This is an incredible initiative ! Such profound impact- so humbly executed …!! I work freelance as India Coordinator for experiential learning & service learning programs. I inculcate SDGs in my programs to make them resolute… sustainability & environment being one of the major causes in recent times.
    Please let me know how can I contribute in enhancing your initiative.
    My Best wishes 🙂

    • Chris

      Dear Amita,

      Thank you very much for your email and your kind words. It is praise like yours that keeps us motivated and going.

      We can definitely profit a lot from your knowledge and your networks, as discussed via email.

      Furthermore, feel free to share Click A Tree with people you know. Advise them to sign up to our newsletter – we plant 1 tree for every subscriber.

      In addition, feel free to let them know that we plant 1 tree for every booking made on – at no cost to the traveler!

      Thanks again for your fantastic support – please keep up the great work and your enthusiasm.

      Best regards,



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