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Our Mission

Click A Tree exists to make sustainability simple

By planting trees, we actively fight climate change, build habitat for endangered animal species, and create jobs with full-time income for local communities.

Our vision is to make planting trees an everyday habit. It makes our planet a healthier, fairer (and better) place for every being inhabiting it.Because in the end, we’re all sharing the same planet – and it’s the only one we’ve got. We believe it’s worth fighting for.

🇬🇭 Ghana

Trees for Entreepreneurs

Plant trees to help entrepreneurs build a better future for themselves.
€21.49 / tree incl. VAT
🇹🇭 Thailand

Trees for Tuskers

Plant trees to create vital habitat for mighty tuskers.
€8.95 / tree incl. VAT
🇵🇭 Philippines

Trees for the Seas

Plant mangrove trees to protect marine wildlife and save the oceans. For every planted tree we remove 1 kg of plastic from the ocean.
€16.96 / tree incl. VAT

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Real Impact

How And Why We Plant Trees

We believe that trees are so much more than a CO2 number. With our holistically sustainable approach of planting trees, we create jobs with full-time income for local communities, build habitat for endangered animal species, and actively fight climate change.

In addition, we collect ocean plastic, support education initiatives and so much more!

One Place For All Your Trees

Here you can easily make, measure and market your impact, all in one sensationally-simple-to-use dashboard. It takes 2 minutes. No credit card required. No commitment

Dont´t Take Our Word For It

Our global community are the true heroes

I’m a passionate diver, and can’t stand seeing coral reefs bleeched and plastic floating around. Click A Tree’s ‘Trees For The Seas’ are a great opportunity to not just create jobs for people in need, but also get some of that plastic removed from the oceans.


Click A Tree is a wonderful solution to do good. As my job often occupies the time to do it in person, with Click A Tree I can ensure the money I earn makes the world a better place. It’s so simple, straightforward and quick, there’s no reason not to do it.


We surely have no shortage of trees and untouched nature here in Canada. However, as world citizen I am aware that not all countries are that privileged, and Click A Tree enables me to do something about it.


Click A Tree for Travel

Book hotels and flights to anywhere on earth and plant trees while doing it. No extra cost for you.

For Business

Sustainability Is Profitable

Planting trees has a ton of environmental and social benefits. But it also boosts your business.

Let us show you how.

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