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About Click A Tree

Click A Tree founder Chris Kaiser and his beloved elephants that he plants trees for square 320px

“Hey, I’m Chris. I created Click A Tree because I love elephants. Their habitat is shrinking, their numbers are decreasing, and I am afraid they will soon die out.

My big dream is to create enough habitat for these beautiful creatures to survive. That way, one day I’ll be able to show my grandkids how magnificent elephants are in real life.

Please help to make this dream become a reality.

Thank you for being the wonderful person you are!”

Chris sign bold black png

Benefits of planting trees

Planting trees has a ton of benefits. Not least, trees are vital for human survival.
Here are some of the reasons why this planet needs more trees.

Create Jobs

Planting trees creates full-time employment for local communities in need and alleviates poverty.

Food And Habitat

Almost all land-based animals depend on trees as a habitat and a food source. No trees mean they have no home and no food source.

Restore Water Cycles

Trees restore natural water cycles that have been lost due to deforestation. And as you already know, water is life.

CO2 Absorption

Trees absorb climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen – vital to our survival.


Protection Of Smaller Plants

Besides providing nutrients, trees also protect smaller plants from heavy rains and soil erosion.


Prevention Of Soil Erosion

Trees prevent desertification and soil erosion – the latter being especially valuable in coastal regions.

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Why people plant trees

There are thousands of reasons why people like you have
already planted thousands of trees. Here are some of them.


Click A Tree Testimonial Claudia Schneider s

Protecting Marine Wildlife

“I’m a passionate diver, and can’t stand seeing coral reefs bleeched and plastic floating around.

Click A Tree’s ‘Trees For The Seas’ are a great opportunity to not just create jobs for people in need, but also get some of that plastic removed from the oceans.

Claudia, Germany

Click A Tree Testimonial Donna Australia

Make The World A Better Place

“Click A Tree is a wonderful solution to do good.

As my job often occupies the time to do it in person, with Click A Tree I can ensure the money I earn makes the world a better place. It’s so simple, straightforward and quick, there’s no reason not to do it.”

Donna, Australia

Click A Tree Testimonial Michael Koch s

Share My Love For Nature

“We surely have no shortage of trees and untouched nature here in Canada.

However, as world citizen I am aware that not all countries are that privileged, and Click A Tree enables me to do something about it.”

Michael, Canada

Help save our planet! Plant trees now!

Everybody involved in planting a tree with us receives a fair salary. 

Not just for planting the tree, but also for nursing the tree for at least three years. That guarantees a sustainable long-term income for all of the people and communities that work hard to help protect our planet.


Click A Tree Achievements

Thanks to your sensational support we have already achieved wonderful things. Let’s continue growing together!

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YOU! Yes, you. You are awesome. We just want you to know that.

Click A Tree Success Stories

Read more about how the trees you plant help protect our planet and change people’s lives for the better.

Your trees are so amazing, they deserve an award! And so do you.

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