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Click A Tree exists to make sustainability simple. We let you plant real trees online – both for individuals and for companies.

Planting trees fights climate change, creates habitat for endangered animal species as well as jobs and full-time incomes for local communities. Everyone planting trees for Click A Tree receives a fair full-time income. Hard work deserves fair remuneration. If you go sustainable, go holistically sustainable.

Fighting climate change, creating habitat and full-time jobs.

By planting trees, you do 3 good deeds – right from the comfort of your screen.

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Let Trees Create Habitat for Animals and Jobs for Humans

Every tree includes a fair salary for everyone involved. Not just for planting the tree, but also for nursing the tree for at least three years. That guarantees a sustainable long-term income for all the people and communities who work hard to help protect our planet. 


Click A Tree Achievements

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Why People Plant Trees

There are thousands of reasons why people like you have already planted thousands of trees.

Here are some of them.

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Will you join in to help save the planet?

Protecting Marine Wildlife

“I’m a passionate diver, and can’t stand seeing coral reefs bleeched and plastic floating around.

Click A Tree’s ‘Trees For The Seas’ are a great opportunity to not just create jobs for people in need, but also get some of that plastic removed from the oceans.”

Claudia, Germany

Saving Lives

“Few people can imagine how sad it is to see their own homeland being radically deforested, so I’m glad I can take action against this.

In addition, planting trees helped me gather some savings, which just paid for a life-saving operation for my wife and my second child.”

David, Indonesia

Corporate Social Responsibility

“When hearing that Click A Tree plants trees for companies I immediately understood the powerful impact it can have.

Managing the Thailand product for a reputable German tour operator, I convinced the team to participate.

We now plant one tree for every traveler that books a tour with us. Our clients love it!”

Samara, Germany

Make The World A Better Place

“Click A Tree is a wonderful solution to do good.

As my job often occupies the time to do it in person, with Click A Tree I can ensure the money I earn makes the world a better place. It’s so simple, straightforward and quick, there’s no reason not to do it.”

Donna, Australia

Reforest My Homeland

“Planting trees enabled me and my family to escape poverty and earn a stable, full-time income.

My parents were amongst the first ones to help reforest Madagascar, and their salaries pay for my university now. One day I will continue in their footsteps.”

Japo, Madagascar

Share My Love For Nature

“We surely have no shortage of trees and untouched nature here in Canada.

However, as world citizen I am aware that not all countries are that privileged, and Click A Tree enables me to do something about it.”

Michael, Canada

Escaping The Debt Trap

“Despite working full-time on farms before, my family and I always were in debt.

Since earning a fair salary by planting trees, we have escaped that trap.

What’s more, we understand that our work is meaningful and will benefit generations to come.”

Shushila, India

Save Earth During Bathroom Break

“Coming from Chile I am a huge nature fan. As a nurse, I help people in my everyday life, and with Click A Tree, I help the environment as well.

It only takes a few tabs on my phone – I can even plant a tree in my bathroom break.”

Silvana, Chile

The Perfect (Christmas) Gift

“One Christmas my family and I decided to give donations to causes which are close to our hearts instead of buying each other expensive gifts.

Click A Tree is a wonderful organization to plant trees with, since it works on one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time while at the same time contributing to poverty reduction. Trees are a great gift anytime of the year though, not only at Christmas.”

Caroline, Germany

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Benefits Of Planting Trees

Planting trees has a ton of benefits. Not least are they vital to human survival. Here are some of the reasons why this planet needs more trees.

Create Jobs

Planting trees creates full-time employment for local communities in need and alleviates poverty.

Food And Habitat

Almost all land-based animals depend on trees as habitat and food source. No trees = no food and no home!


Restore Water Cycles

Trees restore natural water cycles that have been lost due to deforestation. And, as you know: Water is life.


CO2 Absorption

Trees absorb climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen – vital to our survival.


Protection Of Smaller Plants

Besides providing nutrients, trees also protect smaller plants from heavy rains and soil erosion.


Prevention Of Soil Erosion

Trees prevent desertification and soil erosion – the latter being especially valuable in coastal regions.

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Click A Tree Success Stories

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Click A Tree for Business: Making Your Company More Sustainable

Click A Tree for Business helps companies become more sustainable in the simplest way possible, so you can fully focus on your core business. Our partners plant trees via email with us. No tech needed; immediate start possible.

In addition, we create personalized marketing material for your company to help communicate your green engagement both internally and externally.

We also share all our expertise and experience with you to find ways how to make planting trees for your business financially viable.

Contact us today to discuss your goals and needs. Together we’ll create a tailor-made solution to make your company more sustainable.

About Click A Tree

“Hey, I’m Chris. I created Click A Tree because I love elephants. Their habitat is shrinking, their numbers are decreasing, and I am afraid they will die out soon.

My big dream is to create enough habitat for these beautiful creatures to survive, so one day I can show my grandkids in real life how magnificent elephants are.

Please help to make this dream a reality.

Thank you for being the wonderful person you are!”

Find out more about Click A Tree, why we exist and how things came about here.

Click A Tree Success Stories

Read more about how the trees you plant help protect our planet and change people’s lives for the better.

Your trees are so amazing, they deserve an award! And so do you.

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