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21 Kickass Tree Tattoos for Men and Women and their Meaning

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Are you looking for kickass tree tattoos? Maybe you need inspiration as you’re thinking about getting a tree tattoo yourself? Want to learn all about the meaning of different tree tattoos?

We’ve got you covered! We asked professional tattoo artists from all across the globe to share their work with us, so we can share it with you. Here are the top 21 tree tattoos for men and women – and their meaning.

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As bonus, we’ve explained the meaning of tree tattoos and added a super cool time-lapse video of creating a tree of life.

Or simply read through step by step to also learn why tree tattoos are so wildly popular these days.

Tree Tattoo Lovers: Why not plant a real tree while getting one inked on your skin? Good idea? This way, please.

Tree Tattoo Artists: How about planting three trees for every tree tattoo you make? We’d love to help you with that – get in touch!

A Super Brief History of Tattoos and their Meaning

Body art is probably as old as humanity itself. However, the (currently) very first actual evidence of a tattoo was found on Ötzi the Iceman: Discovered in 1991 in the Alps, Ötzi probably lived between 3,370 and 3,100 BC.

That’s over 5,000 years ago. Feel free to calculate how many future generations will be able to admire your sensational skin ornament.

So choose wisely which of these stunning tree tattoos you’re getting for yourself. Once done, feel free to reach out and share the results with us – we’re always eager to update this article.

Why Tree Tattoos?

Trees play a vital role in our world, they absorb climate-damaging CO2 and release oxygen, while providing a home and food to various animals. Therefore, we’re not surprised that trees are a popular design in the tattoo world.

Not only because they’re vital to us, but also because trees represent a broad range of meanings for people across many different cultures. They symbolize life and beauty, strength and community, peace and prosperity, regeneration and rejuvenation, and so much more.

They say, your body is a canvas – a wonderful and unique canvas indeed. Get your inspiration for your new tat right here with these 21 kickass tree tattoos for men and women + their meaning.

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Best Tree Tattoos for Men

Know what design you want to get but not sure about the body part? Or are you looking for design inspiration? We got you! Check out these kickass tree tattoos for men on arms, legs and backs.

Tree Tattoos on Arm

Trees and humans are actually not that different. They’re both social beings – helping and nurturing the elders and young ones.

This tree tattoo by Mauro from Rome represents the tree of life intertwining with DNA strands.

Mauro: “A family tree tattoo like this will often portray deeper roots and branches as a representation of the genetic instructions that all living things carry.”

Korean Pine Tree Tattoo

Ragyeom: “Pine trees are one of the favorite trees of Koreans. Despite of rain, wind, and snowstorms, the pine tree has become a symbol of solid integrity and willpower.

It is one of the most common evergreen trees and has a super cool appearance. Combining Confucian virtues such as loyalty and spirituality. It’s a strong spirit that is not swayed by the wind.”

@ragyeom_tattoo and @a_noname_studio

Colorful Tree Tattoo

It doesn’t always have to be black and white. Isn’t this colorful tree tattoo an eye catcher?!

Sometimes you don’t even need to put a meaning into something – loving trees might just be enough to get a tree tattoo!


Family Tree Tattoo Representing 3 Generations

Todd isn’t playing games when it comes to his tattoo designs. This family tree tattoo represents 3 generations of logging. The logging being in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington, USA.


Tree Tattoo Representing the Cycle of Life

A tree tattoo that represents the journey of life by Bara from Jakarta.


Tree of Life on Arm

Megha from New Dehli has done a great job in representing the circle of life with this design.

Megha: “You can see the deep roots and the many branches, portraying the strong foundation and increasing family members – as one can only add branches to the family tree. “

@tattoosbymegha and @natattoostudio

James, Tattoo Artist from Portland, Oregon about Tree Tattoos: “As a mythical symbol it is widely recognized as affirming and unifying all living creatures.”

For his client, this tree of life tattoo is a representation of growth and protection. It is a tribute to their norse and viking heritage.


Family Tree Tattoo Representing the Future

This tree tattoo is still a work in progress, nevertheless, it already looks amazing! In the background you see an old gothic cathedral, while the bright tree catches the gaze. The two stones in the front represent two children.

What a beautiful way to depict a bright future, don’t you agree?


Tree Tattoos on Back

So much detail in this tree tattoo. The shading is amazing and again, you see the deep roots of the tree representing strength.


Tree Tattoos on Leg

@Hell_em_artwork has done a great job portraying the soul living in all things.

Hell Em Artwork: “It’s like the general consciousness that is wrapping up this whole world.

The spirit is found in everything, from rocks to trees to animals, to…

That’s why you can see body traits in this special tree, it represents the merging of those elements in the same aura.”

This tattoo is inspired by a drawing from artist Daniel Martín Díaz.

The eye in an art piece oftentimes symbolizes consciousness.

Work by @dee.tats from Maracaibo.

Check out this amazing Tree of Life Tattoo – Time-Lapse


Looking for a cool quote to go with your tree tattoo? Check out these 39 motivational and inspirational tree quotes about life, business and love.

The Ultimate Tree Tattoos for Women

A tree can hold so many different meanings in itself. Just look at the apple tree, which symbolizes evil, as well as happiness, knowledge, as well as temptation.

But in the end, the only meaning that matters is the one you put behind it.

Here are the top tree tattoos for women and their meaning.

Tree Tattoos on Arm

Another wonderful family tree tattoo. The three trees symbolize Mae’s client, their brother and their mother. The big enso circle, also called zen circle, represents the father.

Some people say the eyes are the window to someone’s soul but this tree tattoo cuts close as well!

A Tattoo that Plants Trees

So much detail in Manon’s work. I don’t even know where to start. It’s breathtaking! The meaning for this tree tattoo is summarized by this sentence:”The Sky holds me, the Earth carries me.”

And did you know tattoos can actually plant trees? Yup, you heard that right! Manon plants a tree for every tattoo she does.


Tree House Tattoo

There is so much detail in this tree house tattoo. The longer you look at it, the more things you’ll find. Pssst…did you even see the swing?

Heidi from London turned this fun idea into a masterpiece tree tattoo.


This beautiful piece created by Danyel from London truly is a representation of strength and growth.


Not convinced if trees are really that awesome? Let’s see if these 10 Reasons Why Trees are Important change your mind.

Tree Tattoos on Leg

Do you have a favorite show? Sean’s tattoo client definitely does. This tattoo is an homage to the TV show Twin Peak.

As the show is set in Snoqualmie, Washington State, you know that trees can’t be missing!

Wonderful work by @sean_oneill_illustration.

Tree Tattoo on Back

Who is Picasso? Mikha from Toulouse put her own spin on the japanese cherry tree, also known as the tree of hope.


Haven’t planted a tree yet? Let’s do it now! Just click here.

Family Tree Tattoo – Mother and Daughter Edition

Kristen and her mom decided to share the love and pain that comes with a tattoo. They each got one half of the tree of life.

It has big and deep roots, which represents being grounded.

Kristen:”My mum and I each have a half so we know wherever we go in the world as I travel a lot we’ll have each other.”


Tattoo done by @katalinamolnar

Tattoo on Ribs

Sammi’s client has gone for a peaceful landscape which is just a small snippet of how beautiful nature can be.


Tree Tattoo on Neck

What reminds you of your childhood? A special candy bar or TV show? But maybe its the pine trees that you saw when you looked outside?

Ahh, nostalgia! This beautiful tree tattoo was done by Kristy.


How about a deal? Either you get yourself an amazing tree tattoo, and share it with us – or you plant a real tree right now. Ready? Just click here.

Tree Tattoo on Leg

A beautiful japanese cherry tree by Hady from Beirut.

Doesn’t this tattoo remind you of a warm spring night, where the light and refreshing breeze blows away the cherry blossoms, making room for summer to come?


Trees of Life are a popular design for tree tattoos as they symbolize our personal growth and uniqueness.

You’ll find more of Courtney’s work here: @wildchildtattoos and on Facebook.

Summary of Popular Tree Tattoos and Their Meaning

As you might have guessed, few people ink their skin just for fun. To most people, their tree tattoos have a meaning – personal, professional, in memory of the past or in anticipation of the future.

Here are the most common meanings of trees in the tattoo world. Choose whichever one is right for you.

Apple = Evil, Happiness, Good Health, Knowledge, Learning, Temptation.

Ash = Enlightenment, Expansion, Growth, Spiritual Awareness.

Beech = Knowledge, Patience, Prosperity.

Birch = Beginnings, Cleansing, Protection, Rebirth.

Cherry = Both Birth and Death, Change, Reawakening.

Cypress = Death, Mourning, Sorrow.

Dogwood = Apathy, Indifference, Uncertainty.

Elm = Commitment, Dignity, Intuitiveness.

Fig = Fertility, Longevity, Overabundance.

Hawthorn = Contentment, Happiness, Hope.

Linden = Love, Monogamy, Marriage.

Maple = Balance, Duty, Harmony.

Oak = Bravery, Endurance, Independence.

Poplar = Burial, Death, Mourning.

Willow = Dreams, Healing, Freedom, Lost Love.

Yew = Faithfulness, Rebirth, Sadness.

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Now that we know you love trees, why not plant one? You’ll help fight climate change, create jobs and habitat for endangered animals!