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B’n’Tree overnight stay

Increase in turnover and profit for accommodation providers

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Do you own, manage or work in a place where travelers stay overnight? Wouldn’t it be great if all these customers booked their accommodation directly on your website instead of with online tour operators where you pay high commission rates?

Do you own, manage or work in a place where travelers stay overnight? Wouldn’t it be great if all these customers booked their accommodation directly on your website instead of with online tour operators where you pay high commission rates?

Do you also need an extremely attractive, valuable unique selling proposition (USP) that is in line with current travel trends?

Lucky you: B’n’Tree overnight stay gives you all that!

B’n’Tree Accommodation is an easy-to-implement solution that helps accommodation providers attract new customers and increase their direct website bookings. It increases both sales and profits and at the same time makes operations more sustainable.

Read on to find out how B’n’Tree overnight stays can work for your travel business.

What is a B’n’Tree overnight stay?

B’n’Tree Accommodation offers all the business benefits of B’n’Tree, tailored to the needs of accommodation providers. We plant trees for hotels, hostels, B&Bs and anyone else who is interested in making the world a better place while increasing their own profits.

In addition to planting trees, we also create customized marketing material to help you attract new customers. This marketing material also helps to encourage direct website bookings rather than online travel agent bookings and converts first-time visitors into repeat guests.

How the B’n’Tree overnight stay works

With B’n’Tree Overnight Stay, we plant a tree for every direct website booking you receive. This adds an attractive and highly marketable UPS to your product.

You can also generate additional income by adding a “tree” to your upselling portfolio. You can sell trees to your guests and make a profit in the process – but more on that below.

Your 5 advantages of B’n’Tree overnight stay

Planting trees for travelers with B’n’Tree accommodation has many advantages.

However, the most obvious benefit is that direct website bookings will increase significantly, boosting your profits and sales.

Travelers book directly on your website

Most accommodation providers rely on online booking platforms or tour operators to generate bookings. Unfortunately, many charge high commission rates. This reduces your profit margin considerably.

B’n’Tree Accommodation offers travelers a strong USP to book directly on your website. Planting a tree in their name while booking accommodation – at no extra cost – appeals to millions of travelers worldwide. This is particularly important in a world where sustainability is an ever-present issue and many people feel guilty about their carbon footprint when traveling.

Help your guests feel great when they book a stay with you and plant a tree at the same time! Koncept Hotels is one of many companies that benefit from such strategies.

Not in the mood to read on? Then write to us to implement B’n’Tree overnight stays in your company.

Increase attractiveness for new customers

Sustainability is a new megatrend that cannot be ignored. Look at the tens of millions of people around the world who are joining the Fridays for Future movement. Ignoring sustainable business practices puts companies out of business.

Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is an important factor in purchasing decisions. If you plant trees for your customers, you’re ahead of the game. It positions your company as sustainable and promotes your positive brand image.

Travelers from all walks of life will thank you for your commitment by choosing your accommodation over the competition – and they’ll tell other travelers, too.

Turn customers into regulars

Harvard Business Review calculated that acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer.

That means … well, I’m sure you know what that means. When you turn new customers into regular customers, your life becomes easier, more enjoyable and more profitable.

When you plant trees for travelers with B’n’Tree, you can do just that: Turn visitors into regulars.

The beauty of trees is that they grow old. Very old. The compensation of CO2 emissions is forgotten immediately after the fact. But a tree continues to grow.

And this plays in your favor: Send the following e-mail to your former guests:

Thanks to these old trees, you can send this email every year for several decades. All you have to do is update the image of the tree and point to a new success story. We are happy to provide you with both.

How does that sound for long-term marketing?

Contact us today to discuss how you can implement this for your company.

You generate additional income with a new up-sell

To generate additional income, you can also add a “tree” to your upselling portfolio. Let your customers buy trees when they book, at check-in or check-out and even after their stay, including special events like Christmas.

You are free to set the price for the tree – some of our partners sell trees for more than double what we sell them for. And let’s face it, if your guests are spending three or even four figures on accommodation, an extra tree at a price in the low double digits won’t even make them blink!

You can find more information on the prices for trees below.

You are actively making this world a better place – in a very marketable way

Planting trees helps combat climate change, creates habitat for exotic wildlife species and jobs for local communities. You do three good deeds in one when you plant trees for your guests.

The advantage of all these good deeds is that you can market them all individually.

For one month, you will send pictures of the local community to guests who will enjoy the benefits of full-time employment thanks to them. Three months later, you send updates on the growth of the trees. And after two to three years, you can even report on the wildlife returning to the region.

Regardless of which marketing angle you choose, B’n’Tree Overnight will help you create the material you need exactly the way you need it.

How much does B’n’Tree overnight stay cost?

Planting trees en masse with B’n’Tree is surprisingly inexpensive.

First of all: We do not charge any set-up or monthly fees. We plant trees as needed to ensure that our collaboration is profitable for you at all times. Whether you are a single hotel or a large chain, we will find the perfect solution for you.

While planting individual trees can cost between 50 and 5,000 euros (yes, that’s what the German city of Nuremberg charges to plant a single tree!), planting many trees reduces the cost considerably.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, expectations, preferred planting locations and long-term goals so we can put together a free quote for you. (Note: planting trees is cheaper than paying commissions to booking platforms).

And as mentioned above, you can sell this tree on to your guests at any time at a price determined by you. Your guests will love you for taking care of the planet, and they will do their part to keep Mother Earth alive.

How to join B’n’Tree Overnight Stay

Joining B’n’Tree Übernacht is free and extremely easy. Just drop us an email and we’ll discuss your needs and expectations before finding the perfect solution for your business.

This includes discussing several options on how to market your engagement in the most effective way and providing all the necessary images and information you need to get started right away.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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