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B’n’Tree: South German start-up makes travel sustainable

With one mouse click

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The southern German start-up B’n’Tree makes sustainable travel easy and affordable.

B’n’Tree plants trees with every travel and hotel booking, completely free of charge for the user – a single click on the website is enough.

Bookings from five continents have already made over 100,000 new trees possible in twelve countries on four continents. Partners include well-known companies such as Best Western, TripAdvisor, Expedia, HRS, Skyscanner and

Every booking plants a tree – at no extra cost to the user


Thanks to partnerships with well-known companies such as Best Western, TripAdvisor, Expedia, HRS, Skyscanner and, at least one tree is planted for every travel and hotel booking made on – completely free of charge for the user.

hostelbookers has also been in the game since September 2018. “Now even travelers with a limited budget can plant trees,” says Chris Kaiser, founder of B’n’Tree. Further partnerships are currently being negotiated. (AirBnB would be great. If anyone knows anyone – please let me know).


The trees are financed from the marketing budget of the booking platforms: For every paid booking, a marketing expense allowance is paid to B’n’Tree, which is invested in planting trees. If customers buy directly from the booking platforms, the additional profit remains in their pockets, or is invested in TV advertising, Google Ads, etc.


Trees create habitats for endangered species and thus prevent species extinction. They help in the fight against climate change by storing CO2, minimizing land erosion and restoring natural water cycles. Furthermore, planting trees creates new jobs and sustainable income for the local population.

Local communities benefit not only from planting the trees, but also from the consequences, such as harvesting fruit trees, more successful fishing in reforested mangrove forests or the emergence of nature tourism.

(Success) story

Since the start of the project in September 2017, over 100,000 new trees (to the tree counter) have already been planted on four continents (details here). “The bookings now come from five different continents – a clear sign that sustainable travel is enjoying a global following,” says Kaiser.

The idea for B’n’Tree came to Kaiser during one of the countless contract negotiations for a nature tourism company in southern Thailand. “An incredible amount of money from the final sales price is invested in marketing and sales commissions. I thought to myself: ‘Why not use a small percentage of it to do something good for Mother Earth?” And B’n’Tree was born.”

On his motivation, he says: “The main motivation for planting trees comes from my love of elephants that I found in Thailand. I have been working in close contact with these majestic animals since 2012, and unfortunately hear far too often of unnecessary deaths due to habitat loss. B’n’Tree is my response to the helplessness I initially felt about this global problem.”

Vision of the future

100,000 trees is a good start. But just that: a start. “In the next two years, we will plant one million trees. By 2025, I want to live in a world where planting trees is as commonplace as having coffee in the morning. Only simpler. And cheaper,” says Kaiser, who doesn’t drink coffee at all, but hot chocolate.

But as long as he makes it easy for travelers to plant trees, we’ll give him a pass.

Anyone can take part

If you would like to take part, visit the B’n’Tree website at before any future trip. There you select the online travel portal you trust and place your booking there. Just as you are used to. B’n’Tree takes care of the rest. Users do not pay a single cent extra.

In the meantime, smaller and larger companies have also become aware of B’n’Tree, including tour operators, hotel chains, independent consultants and restaurants. They plant trees for business trips, for every product sold, for every new customer or once a year as a Christmas donation.

About B’n’Tree

B’n’Tree was founded in September 2018 in southern Germany by Chris Kaiser. The name B’n’Tree is based on the English B’n’B, meaning Bed & Breakfast. Instead of serving breakfast, a tree is planted with every hotel bed booking – completely free of charge for the customer. A single mouse click on is all it takes.

Photos And Videos

Photos of B’n’Tree can be found here. The photos were either taken by B’n’Tree itself or provided by partners of B’n’Tree and may be used in their entirety to promote B’n’Tree.

A 90-second explanatory video is also available – here.

Address and contact

B’n’Tree Now Is The Time e.K. Chris Kaiser Erzbergerstrasse 5 78315 Radolfzell on Lake Constance Germany

Mail: Phone: +49 176 2299 8533

Facebook: @1Click1Tree Instagram: @ClickATree