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Click A Tree Grow Show: Q2 2021

Tree planting update (+ video)

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Welcome to the Click a Tree Grow Show Q2 2021, we have fantastic news for you! The Grow Show is now also available in German.

The Grow Show is a regular update from us, in which we tell you about the successes of the projects and you can find out how many trees we have planted and where thanks to your support.

Be curious to find out why we are only now sharing the Grow Show with you.

Watch this video to find out what has happened in the last few months and how many trees we have planted.

As you’ve probably already noticed, we were on the Lion’s Den show in June (season 9, episode 12). The performance was very exciting and we are delighted that four out of five investors were so enthusiastic about our work.

More people have become aware of Click A Tree and B’n’Tree thanks to the broadcast of The Lion’s Den. And thanks to the many new partners, we can plant even more trees, create forests and generate jobs for local communities.

In this article, you can find out what happened on the show and what has changed for Click A Tree.

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer, here you can see exactly what that means in figures.

How many trees have we planted?

We were able to plant a total of 11,258 trees – Treesome. It’s absolutely world class that we were able to achieve so much despite the lockdown.

Where are the trees planted

Our mangrove month took place in July. We not only shared exciting mangrove details on our social networks, but also organized a fun mangrove competition. That’s why we planted a large proportion of the trees in the Philippines in Q2.


Of the 11,258 trees, we planted 8301 mangrove trees in the Philippines and collected 8301 kg of plastic from the sea. Not only do we plant trees there, we also remove 1 kg of plastic from the sea for every tree planted.

Why are we removing plastic from the sea? The plastic endangers the creatures in the water and decomposes into microplastics over time, so that it then enters our cycle more and more, e.g. through the fish we eat. As we pursue a holistic, sustainable approach, we are also committed to this.

In the Philippines, we plant mangrove trees, which also play an important role for marine life. Mangrove trees purify the water and provide a home for fish and crabs.

They are a very valuable barrier between the land and water, as they prevent soil erosion in coastal areas.

Another very important aspect is that they are among the most efficient tree species when it comes to binding carbon dioxide (CO2).

Here you can find more information about our project in the Philippines

Ghana and Thailand

We planted 2104 trees in Ghana and a total of 853 trees in Thailand. Mahogany and teak trees, for example, are also planted there. They not only provide people with a regular income, but also help to prevent deforestation.

Most people clear the forest not out of malice, but out of economic necessity. So if we pay them not only for planting, but also for maintenance, the economic pressure is reduced and the forest is preserved.

Isn’t that good news amongst all the bad news we receive every day about our wonderful planet?

Are you ready to get active and plant trees?

Fantastic! Here you can find out how you can plant trees as an entrepreneur or private individual.

Planting trees for entrepreneurs

If you have a business, whether you offer a service or sell a product, you can plant trees. We work with partners from various sectors and make tree planting accessible to everyone.

Send us an e-mail today.

Planting trees as a private individual

Do you want to surprise a loved one with a super cool and sustainable gift? Or do you simply want to do something good for yourself and the planet? Then plant a tree with just a few clicks.

Choose the project you would like to support.

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Let’s stay in touch

Thank you for your support in planting trees with us and doing something good for the planet and people.

We have been able to gain some super exciting new partners and are looking forward to a green outlook for the next quarter.

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