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Click A Tree Grow Show: Q3 2022

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It’s that time again, the Grow Show for Q3 2022 is here! Despite high inflation rates, more trees were planted than in the previous quarter. Thank you all so much for your commitment!

But let’s not keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the Q3 figures:

Can’t listen to the video right now? No problem, we have summarized the information and figures again.

How many trees did we plant in Q3 2022?

We were able to plant a total of 10,251 trees. 19.13% more than in Q2 – tree-tastic, right? Especially in these times, this increase means so much to us. Unfortunately, we recently received some unpleasant news: According to the IMF, prices in our project country in Ghana have risen by over 27% in 2022.

But even worse: according to the World Bank report “Africa’s Pulse“, food prices have risen by 122% since January! This is really enormous, with brutal consequences for the local population.

So the latest challenge is to secure people’s incomes – and also to ensure food security.

Because more trees also mean secure jobs with a steady income and more habitat for animals.

And thanks to the syntropic agriculture implemented in Ghana and the new mandala gardens introduced last year, a lot of food is being produced for the local population in addition to new forests.

Where were the trees planted

We are currently planting trees in 3 special project countries. Our absolute hit this quarter was the project in Ghana. You can now find out how many trees were planted there and in our other projects.


The most trees were planted in Ghana this quarter: 5,649. This also has to do with the fact that many of our partners plant there.

Here they particularly like our concept of holistic reforestation, because we not only provide a secure source of food through syntropic agriculture, but also support two entrepreneurial schools.

Like two?! You can find out about this and what other progress we have made here in our latest Impact Report.


Thailand, the land of smiles and home to our favorite animals, the elephants.

We plant over 40 tree species here, which provide a safe habitat for the pachyderms and many other animals.

In the last quarter, 825 trees were planted here, almost twice as many as in Q2. It is all the better to see that our reforestation project in northern Thailand is going well and providing people with secure jobs. The tree nursery in particular is now extremely effective.

All exciting information about the Thailand project here.


In addition to planting mangroves, the project in the Philippines has a very special superpower: for every tree planted, we remove 1 kg of plastic from the sea. This means that we not only planted 3,777 trees, but also removed 3,777 kg of plastic from the sea.

And we have enlisted the help of some very special people. As state pensions here are very low, if payments are made at all, we work with older people in our plastics project. This work is less physically demanding than planting trees and helps them to secure a (further) income.

More information about the Philippines project here.

How you can still make a big impact today

Planting trees as a company

Only together can we make a difference. Do you have a company and would like to plant trees with it?

Whether you offer a service or sell a product, planting trees is easy to integrate into your business! With our partnership, you even fulfill 17 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Your Impact Account can look like this:

Simply sign up for your own Impact account and you’re ready to go.

Create your own Impact account.

We work with partners from various sectors and make tree planting accessible to everyone.

TIP: Do you travel a lot on business? Then book your flights or overnight stays via B’n’Tree, for example, and plant a tree for free!

Planting trees as a private individual

Do you want to surprise a loved one with a super cool and sustainable gift? Or do you simply want to do something good for yourself and the planet? Then plant a tree with just a few clicks. You can of course choose the project in which you would like to plant trees.

What else you can do

Spread the mission and tell your friends and acquaintances about the B’n’Tree booking platform. This allows them to plant trees free of charge when they book trips.

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Let’s stay in touch

Thank you very much for your support! It’s baumtastisch that you are planting trees with us and helping to make the planet a greener place for people and animals.

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Stay wonderful and healthy.

Your Click A Tree Team