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Achieving more together

We believe that trees are so much more than just a CO2 number. With our holistic sustainable approach to planting trees, we create full-time income jobs for local communities, build habitats for endangered species and actively combat climate change.

Our vision is to make planting trees an everyday habit. It makes our planet a healthier, fairer (and better) place for all the creatures that inhabit it.

Because in the end, we all share the same planet – and that’s the only one we have. We believe that it is worth fighting for.

Why we plant trees – The Click A Tree version

“I founded Click A Tree to create habitat for elephants – as well as all the other wonderful animals that depend on trees.

After living and working on 5 continents, I moved to a national park area in southern Thailand in 2012 where I got to spend my days with elephants.

Since my time in Thailand, I have felt a strong connection to these majestic creatures.

I don’t just want to sit around and watch the dramatic effects of deforestation, I want to create the habitat that elephants and other animals need to survive.”

Chris, founder of Click A Tree

How we plant

It is not enough to throw a seed into the ground. Our holistic, sustainable approach gives us the opportunity to create species-rich forests that have the best chance of survival.

In addition, we do not work with volunteers, but with full-time employees who not only plant the trees, but also look after them until they are strong enough to survive on their own.

Together with our reforestation experts, we have developed a planting strategy for each individual tree planting project that comes closest to nature.


Eastern Ghana, Oti Region, near Kyinderi; 8°12’11.2 “N, 0°07’14.9 “W

We plant over 20 different tree species such as the baobab tree, shea nut, mahogany, neem tree, gmelina and useful plants such as banana trees, cashew nuts and moringa.

Our reforestation system is called “syntropic reforestation”. Simply explained, this means that we plant a forest as well as fruit trees (e.g. bananas, cashew nuts, beans …).

This way, the locals can eat and sell the fruit, and we create a forest at the same time. In Ghana, we also support an entrepreneurship school that teaches young Ghanaians the basics of entrepreneurship.


Northwest Thailand, Mae Hong Son Province, south of Pai, 19°24’49.16 “N, 98°45’12.53 “E

We plant over 40 different tree species. These include teak trees, grape figs, golden rain trees, money trees and even yellow bells.

By planting these indigenous trees, we are creating a habitat for elephants and other endangered animals as well as a food source for the local community and wildlife.


San Isidro, Davao Oriental, Minanao; 6°53’17.0″ N, 126°09’52.1″ E

We plant various species of mangrove trees and plants that are native to the area. In the last planting, we planted a total of 13 different species.
For every tree planted in the Philippines, we remove 1 kg of plastic from the ocean.