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2-minute case study: 22% growth despite Corona

How this sushi restaurant did it

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Many people confuse “sustainable commitment” with “less profit”. We prove this assumption wrong in this 2-minute case study. And show how planting trees increases sales and earns you more money.

Many people confuse “sustainable commitment” with “less profit”. We prove this assumption wrong in this 2-minute case study. And show how planting trees increases sales and earns you more money.

I Love Sushi is the world’s first sushi restaurant to plant trees.

The Stuttgart team has created the TreeRoll: A special sushi roll that plants trees. For every TreeRoll sold, I Love Sushi plants a tree with Click A Tree. Quite simply.

A brilliant move. Because people eat sushi and do good. It tastes good and feels even better. How much better can sustainability get?

Planting trees has not only given I Love Sushi a lot of media attention (both nationally, e.g. from PRINZ or, and internationally, e.g. from MarketingSherpa), but has also increased sales.

I Love Sushi has been a partner of Click A Tree since the end of 2019. Right from the start, I Love Sushi increased TreeRoll sales by 22% in the first quarter of 2020, reports Green Chefs. And that despite Corona!

The success continues. In total (as of September 2021), I Love Sushi has already sold 1,876 Tree Rolls and planted 1,876 trees at the same time.

How is that for growth in difficult economic times? Are you surprised by the result of this case study?

Are you with us? Then write us an e-mail.

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How entrepreneurs can replicate the results of this case study

The success of this case study is very easy to replicate. If you’re a bar or restaurant, create a “climate cocktail”, a “tree dish” or a “pizza for the planet” and you’re ready to go. We recommend making it a vegetarian or even vegan dish, as many climate-conscious customers prefer not to eat meat.

If you’re selling another product or service, drop us an email and we’ll find a way to make the planet and your wallet greener. In our opinion, sustainability only works if it benefits everyone involved.

Sustainability made simple

That’s why we make planting trees so easy. Either by clicking the mouse or by writing an e-mail.

If you work with Click A Tree, simply send us an email at the end of each quarter with the number of trees you want us to plant.

We then take care of all the heavy lifting and even create customized marketing material for you. This promotes your green commitment and brings in even more customers, ensures even more sales – and plants even more trees.

And because we work exclusively with fairly paid full-time employees, you not only make your customers happy, earn more money and save Mother Earth, but you also create full-time jobs and income for people in less privileged regions of our planet.

Super cool, right?

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If this sounds like a win-win-win situation to you, you can always contact us to discuss how you can also make your business more sustainable. We look forward to hearing from you!

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What to do if you are not a company owner?

If you don’t own or run a business, simply forward this 2-minute sustainability case study to your favorite companies to let them know that green engagement is important to you.

If you’re not sure who to send this to, just share this case study on social media for your friends and family to see. The more people understand that growing trees contributes to the growth of a company, the better.

And of course you can subscribe to our good news newsletter at any time. We plant 1 tree for every new subscriber.