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How companies do sustainable good with our reforestation project

Incredible successes – The 2021 Q4 Ghana Impact Report

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With our holistic, sustainable approach, we have been bringing sustainability into everyday life for over three years. Together with our more than 160 partners, we plant trees to create biodiverse forests.

But of course it doesn’t stop at planting trees, with our reforestation project we support 16 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and create so much good – from jobs to new prospects for the future to minimizing food insecurity.

You can read about the huge successes we were able to achieve with our partners in our project in Ghana in the last quarter here.

Reforestation project: Ghana

Who, how and what: Here is a brief summary of the facts for you. If you already know our project and want to read directly about the successes, click here.

The country

Ghana, country in western Africa on the Atlantic coast. Approx. 29 million inhabitants (120 inhabitants per km2), UN Human Development Index rank 136 (Germany: rank 6; UN Report 2020).

The place

Eastern Ghana, Oti Region, near Kyinderi; 8°12’11.2″N, 0°07’14.9″W.

The mission

Our mission is to create long-term full-time jobs and sustainable food security for local farmers, while training young people in local entrepreneurial schools.


Syntropic reforestation (reforestation in the spirit of nature, combined with sustainable, organic agriculture).

Workers in our reforestation project

Full-time workers for planting, tending and harvesting the trees. Use and sale of the harvests by the local population.

Planting time

April to September; new trees are grown in local nurseries from October to March.

Plant species in our reforestation project

e.g. moringa, baobab (Adansonia digitate), teak (Tectona grandis), acacia (Acacia pycnantha), shea nut tree (Vitellaria paradoxa), rivet tree (Azadirachta indica), mahogany (Meliaceae).

Special feature of the project

In addition to the sustainable creation of full-time jobs, an entrepreneurial school is being promoted in Ghana. Here, unemployed young people learn how to create a better future for themselves.

We have compiled more in-depth details about Ghana, the entrepreneurship school, the reforestation project and the special reforestation method on Click A Tree – Planting trees in Ghana.

Project successes to date in our reforestation project

Click A Tree has been planting trees in Ghana since 2019. Thanks to the great support of numerous partners, the following has already been achieved:

Important: “Newly created working hours” only takes into account all additional working hours created in this month. Even with small numbers (e.g. 0 in Q4 2020), all existing jobs will be retained. At such times, for example, the nursery is expanded, the field prepared, planned, etc.

The team continues to grow

Thanks to the positive development of the reforestation project and other new strong supporters such as the Sausalitos restaurants, we were once again able to expand our team in Ghana – despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic!

There are now 14 full-time employees working on our project and earning a living from it. (At the beginning of 2020, there were still 6 full-time employees).

Welcome to the team, Solomon, Smith, Emma, Reuben, Millicent and Anthony!

Peace Sika Nduro will support us in the future as an administrative assistant.

Among other things, she is responsible for documenting all progress in the projects even better. She is one of the first to sit in our new office in Dambai.

Gbe Bernard (left), here with project manager Clement, will support us in future as project coordinator. He manages the operational business in both Kyinderi and Dambai.

The first harvests in our reforestation project

Despite the difficult conditions and the rather poor rainfall in recent months, the first trees are now bearing fruit. These include papaya, bananas, guavas and limes.

This is excellent news for the local population in Kyinderi, particularly in view of Ghana’s current very difficult economic situation. On the one hand, the fruit contributes directly to feeding their own families, while any surplus is sold at the surrounding markets.

Do you want to do good and support reforestation? Then send us an e-mail today:

The mandala garden in our reforestation project

Due to the difficult economic situation, the team in Kyinderi is currently focusing more on growing fruit and vegetables to ensure the community’s food security.

Anita Kotochi from Earth University in Costa Rica makes a very valuable contribution to this. She shares her knowledge of mandala gardens with us.

Mandala gardens are usually circular beds in which different types of plants are planted to strengthen each other. Practically a kind of syntropic agriculture, only on a small scale, and mostly focused on crops.

The results are sensational and provide all employees with everyday food.

Anita Kotochi from Earth University in Costa Rica, visibly satisfied with the valuable successes of her work. Thank you so much for your strong support, Anita!

The mandala garden from above. Looks much smaller from the air than at eye level.

The team at work in the Mandala Garden.

Tomatoes and okra from the Mandala garden.

Updates from the Entrepreneur School

Great news from the entrepreneurship school: two former students, Shakuru and Kwaku Bio, return to Kyinderi.

Shakuru only temporarily for the time being, Kwaku Bio as a full-time employee after successfully completing his further training.

It is extremely motivating to see how these two young men have developed in recent years – and the optimism with which they now look to the future!


Shakuru, one of the former students of our entrepreneurship school, is now studying microbiology at the University for Development Studies in Tamale.

He is currently back in Kyinderi for two months to share the knowledge he acquired at university with the local workers.

After successfully completing his studies, Shakuru plans to return to Kyinderi next year to put his knowledge to good use in the reforestation project.

Shakuru helps to mulch the reforestation area.

Kwaku Bio

Kwaku Bio, also a former student of the Entrepreneurship School in Kyinderi, has successfully completed his three-year training at the Technical University in Accra.

He is now back in Kyinderi. Thanks to the positive developments in the reforestation project, we were able to find him a full-time job here.

Click A Tree and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Planting trees helps with 16 of the following 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This illustrates why planting trees saves the planet in so many different ways.

Would you ever have thought that trees are so multi-talented? That is why it is so important to us that we not only plant the trees, but also look after them in the long term.

You can read here which goal we are not yet meeting and how we are incorporating the other 16 goals into our reforestation project: Sustainable Development Goals.

About Click A Tree

Click A Tree runs sustainable reforestation projects worldwide. The aim is to implement these projects cost-effectively and to the benefit of all parties involved.

In order to succeed with this mission, we have created a system in which not only the planet wins, but EVERYONE involved.

Because if we want to save the planet, we have to do it in a way that benefits everyone: you, your customers, us and, of course, the planet.

Curious about how sustainability can be profitable? And can anyone REALLY benefit from a partnership with Click A Tree? What is the real deal?

Find out here: The 4-Win Formula from Click A Tree

Do you also want to do good as a company and support reforestation?

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