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The Click A Tree project in Thailand


Planting trees in Thailand

Glückliche Arbeiter in Thailand.

The story of Click A Tree begins in Thailand.

Founder & CEO Chris has worked with Elefanten for five years.

Now you can support this wonderful project.

This creates jobs, protects biodiversity and preserves the habitat for elephants.

Get started right away or continue reading at your leisure about what you can achieve in Thailand.

Get started right away or arrange a non-binding initial consultation with us, to discuss your questions.

What you achieve with tree planting

Eine umkreiste Zahl Eins

Planting trees creates jobs and thus combats poverty and hunger.

Zahl zwei in einem schwarzen Kreis

Almost all land creatures need trees as a source of food and habitat.

Die Zahl drei in einem schwarzen Kreis

Trees absorb climate-damaging CO2 and produce oxygen - essential for our survival.

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About Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous countries in Southeast Asia. Most people first think of Bangkok or snow-white beaches.

But you will also find ancient rainforests and huge biodiversity here. And this is exactly what we want to protect and preserve.

People in Thailand

Approximately 69.5 million people live in Thailand. The country ranks 66th on the UN Human Development Index (Germany: 7th; UN Report 2024).

These people also benefit from our projects through fairly paid full-time jobs. After all, social sustainability is also extremely important to us.

Here, for example, is the success story of Anchala from Thailand.

Click A Tree Reforesting Thailand (1)

How your company benefits from planting trees

Marketing material:

We provide you with plenty of ready-made marketing material on a regular basis so that you can communicate your strong commitment effectively.

Employer branding:

77% of all German employees would like to work for a company that is committed to sustainability. Your holistic and sustainable commitment inspires talents of all ages.

Sales arguments:

83% of all Germans are prepared to pay more for sustainable products. Give your customers what they want!

We make implementation extremely easy for you.

Are you ready to make your company even more attractive?
Location Aufforstungsprojekt Thailand Click A Tree

The location

Our reforestation project is located in northwest Thailand, in the Mae Hong Son province, east of the city of Pai. The exact GPS coordinates are 19°24’49.16″ North and 98°45’12.53″ East.

Feel free to drop by next time you’re in Thailand!

The special feature

Each of our projects has a special feature. In our project in Thailand, the cameo.

Kamee is a female elephant who used to be a working elephant.

Today, it fertilizes the forest floor with its droppings during long walks.

Here you can read why elephants are so valuable – and why their habitat is disappearing.

Elefantendame Kamee im Aufforstungsprojekt Thailand Click A Tree

Minimum effort & maximum effect:

What you get from us

You tell us your figures every month. Just send us a short e-mail. We take care of the rest. Minimum effort with maximum effect.

You will receive regular updates, reports, images and, of course, success stories and inspiration for marketing campaigns.

We provide you with ready-made marketing material, including templates for website articles, social media posts and press releases.

We provide you with ongoing marketing inspiration, personalized marketing material and up-to-date images and videos for your corporate communications.

Thanks to our Universal Impact platform, you always have an overview of all the great things you do – and can share them at the click of a mouse. And use directly in the ESG report.

Bonus: Our dedicated relationship managers are always available if you have any questions or need further material.

Minimum effort & maximum impact: Are you in?
Baumschule Baumarten Aufforstungsprojekt Thailand Click A Tree

The tree species

We grow over 40 different plant species in Thailand.

There are over 40 different tree species in total, including teak trees (Tectona grandis), cluster fig trees (Ficus racemosa), Indian laburnum (Cassia fistula), lucky chestnuts (Pachira aquatica) and yellow trumpet trees (Tecoma stans).

Which of these sound familiar to you?

Are you with us?

Would you like to support the project together with us and make it even bigger?

Do you want to make a real difference with your company?

Then write to us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Glückliche Arbeiter in Thailand.

Tree planting is suitable for all industries

But especially for companies, …

What other companies say

These companies are already growing their business and their forest.

Dirk Alfter

Allianz General Agency Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
What I particularly like about Click A Tree is the uncomplicated handling and processing. The added value of our cooperation is reflected in improved customer loyalty and an enhanced image. We chose Click A Tree because of the transparency and because of the further support and the development of the necessary infrastructure on site. The planting campaigns here are really designed for sustainability and not just short-term actionism.

Viktoria Preiss

Manager Product Beverage & Merchandise Sausalitos
For us, fun and enjoyment go hand in hand with responsibility. Our aim is to promote awareness among employees and guests through innovative product ideas. This is how the ReCare project was initiated, to which Click A Tree’s vision fits perfectly. With the cocktail created for this, the Green Karma Mojito, a tree can be planted sip by sip and great social measures can be supported locally. Our guests love it and so do we!

Stefanie Böhlke

Senior Customer Marketing Manager Yogi Tea
Click A Tree supported us wonderfully as a partner and created a great workshop that fitted perfectly into our efforts for more sustainability in the office and at home. Susanne and Chris understood exactly what direction we wanted to take and received very positive feedback from our colleagues. Many thanks for that!