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Trees for Entreepreneurs

Plant trees to help entrepreneurs build a better future for themselves.

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Trees are truly universal geniuses when it comes to helping our planet. They prevent soil erosion, restore water cycles, offer shelter and food to endangered animal species, absorb CO2, release oxygen and so much more.

At our tree-planting project in Ghana, we use syntropic agroforestry to maximise the trees' positive impacts. In short, it's about building a plantation into a massive forest. This results in continued crops for the local community to eat and sell, as well as in a huge forest for animals to live in.

But we're even taking it one step further: The project supports a local school for entrepreneurs. Ambitious founders learn how to write business plans, conduct market research and finally market their products.

Hence your contribution helps young Ghanaians build a better future for themselves, their families and therefore their communities.

Your trees in Ghana therefore have a snowball effect of fantastic impact! How cool is that?

Bonus: When you plant trees for entreepreneurs, dedicate the trees to someone! Maybe you know aspiring startup founders or ambitious people trying to change the status quo? Send us an email, telling us who you'd like to dedicate the tree to, and we'll send you a beautiful tree gift certificate.

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