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‘S Bettli and ‘s Böimli

Click A Tree in Switzerland

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Travelnews, the Swiss news portal for travel and tourism, has recommended B’n’Tree to travelers from Switzerland. If B’n’Tree means “bed and tree” in German, it is now called “s Bettli und ‘s Böimli” in Switzerland.

Further details below or on For every booking, a tree is planted in the rainforest.

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The social and environmental benefits of planting trees

We have explained how much a single click on B’n’Tree can achieve when booking a trip in our article on planting trees in Ghana.

There we explain not only where and when we plant the trees, but also how we do it – and above all, why we do it.

Here you can learn all about both the ecological and social benefits of planting trees.

B’n’Tree goes Switzerland: ‘S Bettli und ‘s Böimli

The entire Click A Tree team is delighted that we are receiving further international support. Today the Swiss news portal “Travelnews” reported on our tourism brand B’n’Tree. This means that even more Swiss travelers will be planting trees on their private and business trips in future – for the good of our planet!

Do you know any other news and media outlets that would like to report on Click A Tree or B’n’Tree? We are always happy to receive further support. And our planet definitely needs every tree it can get at the moment.

So if you know someone, or maybe even want to write about us yourself, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail!