10 Surprisingly Simple Hacks to Save Trees

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February 21, 2022
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If breathing is as important to you as it is to us, you will love these easy tips on saving our planet’s lungs, no lifestyle crisis needed!

Who knew saving trees from dying could be so simple? Do you mean I can do more besides just recycling? Yes, but don’t worry, you don’t need to completely revamp your life from consumer to forest hippie; all it takes is to be more aware of the everyday choices you make.

Once you understand your consumer habits and effects, you have the power to make large impacts on the world around you. Win-win for you and the environment!

Surprisingly Simple Hacks to Save Trees

Here at Click A Tree, we understand that protecting trees is more vital than chopping down and replanting. Reforestation is beneficial but works best paired with mitigation.

As years fly by, and more people wake up to the growing climate stresses, we learn more productive ways to sustain our nation’s most valuable natural resource, our planet’s lungs, and the biggest carbon sink; our trees!

Here is our roundup of the 10 best and simplest hacks on how to save trees.

Save Trees Hack #1: Cloth, Paper, Scissors?

Save Trees Hack 1: Use Towel or Kitchen Cloth

This cheat code saves you money all while giving your neighborhood tree a chance at life. Using reusable towels or cloth is cost-friendly and usually does a better job anyways.

Paper towels have to be multi-layered to complete the same task that your eco-friendly kitchen cloth can do; work smarter, not harder. 

Save Trees Hack #2: Don’t Waste Paper

Save Trees Hack 2: Avoid wasting Paper

Approximentally 1 billion trees are wasted on paper products per year. While it might seem ideal to write love notes on a new sheet of paper, your environmentally conscious love interest will surely appreciate that double-sided, recycled paper note much more. Some of our favorite tree saving tips are:

Save Trees Hack #3: Donate Books and Furniture

Save Trees Hack #3: Donate Books and Furniture.

When’s the last time you picked up those novels gathering dust on the shelves? I challenge you to donate one used book per month that you have read to a book bank, or secondhand.

That desk rotting away in your garage is an eye-sore isn’t it? Did you know that you can recycle MOST things?

Book swaps, free community libraries, community hauls, and secondhand markets will love your donated novels and retired furnishings. Make it fun for you by hosting a book swap amongst friends, and catch your new fave story for free. 

Furniture can be donated to most secondhand retailers or scrap yards. Check your local jurisdiction to see what charities pick up your used furniture for free!

Some organizations will even repair and reuse your furniture in their charity homes. How good would it feel to save the trees and decorate a home for someone in need?

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Save Trees Hack #4: Watch Your Step!

Save Trees Hack #4: Stay on the path

If you’re reading this, there is a high possibility you’re a nature geek, like us!

Have you ever been to your favorite nature destination after months to see it trampled and not in a good state? Staying on the path when hiking is a simple and mutually beneficial task for all nature lovers and you’re doing the trees a favor.

When people venture off hiking routes, it can cause erosion, root death, habitat destruction, and more. For the sake of preserving our beautiful trails and wilderness, DO take the path more traveled. Robert Frost was a poet, not a hiker. 

Save Trees Hack #5: Eat Less Meat

Save Trees Hack #5: Eat Less Meat

Help! Cows are destroying our forests! The pigs are eating our trees!

While this is hyperbole, there is some truth to it. Agricultural farming is directly linked to deforestation, for the main reason that there just is not enough room to house the livestock.

In 2021, GreenPlanet reflected 30% of habitable land (land not covered by ice) is reserved for livestock farming. When there is not enough land to produce the meat demands, forests are first to go to make more room. ¹    

Plant protein is more cost-efficient to produce and has a massively larger overall yield. 

Save Trees Hack #6: Recycle

Save Trees Hack #6: Recycle

Recycling doesn’t have to mean just throwing the paper in a separate bin- you can recycle paper for packing presents, wrapping paper, shelf liners, or paper mache.

If none of these secondary options suit you, just having a bin for used paper is enough! Remember, all steps, big or small are steps in the right direction in saving trees from dying.

“A society is defined not only by what it creates but by what it refuses to destroy.” -John Sawhill

Save Trees Hack #7: Consume wisely

Save Trees Hack #7: Consume wisely

Follow the Forests

When purchasing new products, always check for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) stamp. The FSC ensures that whatever item you are buying, was produced in an environmentally responsible way. 

Be a Panda

Bamboo can be produced and harvested in five years and serves the same function as trees. It is less harmful to the environment and even stronger than wood. You can use bamboo in a range of paper products to furniture, the possibilities are truly endless. Plus, who doesn’t like being grouped with these cuddly animal environmentalists? 

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Save Trees Hack #8: Plant Trees

Save Trees Hack #8: Plant Trees

Planting a tree is the most obvious component of our simple hacks. Keep up with your local businesses to seek out organizations who plant trees.

Planting a tree yourself will give you the satisfaction of shade on a sunny day, green in your surroundings, and a nice place to read a book under. Getting your hands dirty keeps the world clean.

If gardening isn’t your jam, allow Click A Tree to plant one on your behalf, easy peasy! 

Save Trees Hack #9: Opt for Recycled Products

Save Trees Hack #9: Opt for Recycled Products

Many brands today offer recycled paper products in their stock range. From notebooks to journals, boxes, and sets- going green has never been easier. Make sure to check for the green recycling logo on your merch, and have some peace of mind knowing you gave a tree a second chance at life. 

Save Trees Hack #10: Get Outside

Save Trees Hack #10: Fall in love with mother earth

Nothing like falling in love with Mother Earth to spark more passion for educating those around you about it! Posting pictures of our world’s natural beauty reminds us to preserve and take care of it even more.

Pick up litter on your way for extra brownie points, and remember the most important quote about saving trees and our Earth; “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

If you plan on jet setting- check out our eco-friendly travel tips for extra tree-saving grandeur! 

Simple Hacks Without Changing Your Lifestyle

LEAF those wasteful habits in your past, our forests WOOD be thankful! The smallest acts of kindness are more impactful than you think. Remember to check your consumption, show your support in the right way, and do what you can to make our forests and families breathe cleaner. 

As the Lorax once said, “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

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