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20 super cool ideas for sustainable gifts

Even for those who already have everything

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You know how it is, whether it’s for Christmas, an anniversary, a birthday or just because: you’re always on the lookout for the best sustainable gift. But now the search is over! Put your feet up, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

You know how it is, whether it’s for Christmas, an anniversary, a birthday or just because: you’re always on the lookout for the best sustainable gift. But now the search is over! Put your feet up, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

We have listed 20 super cool and sustainable gift ideas here. The best thing about it: there’s no need to feel guilty, because the gifts are all super sustainable and will delight everyone – even those who always say they don’t need anything. But most importantly, these gifts also make our planet super happy.

Okay, okay, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here is the incredible list.

Sustainable gifts that delight everyone

Everyone loves unwrapping presents (wrapped in eco-friendly wrapping paper, of course). Here are 11 cool and sustainable gifts that will make all green hearts beat faster.

1. job coaching

Do you know someone for whom it’s time for something new? With job coaching from the Erfolgstiger Academy, you have a strong partner at your side to support you. Coaching is sustainable anyway and for every CV sold, the success tigers plant a tree.

2. high-quality training equipment

I think we all know that exercise is important and healthy! For all those who want to give their loved ones a high-quality gift, we have just the thing here. The training equipment from excio is manufactured in Germany and is very elaborately finished.

Exercising and doing something for the environment at the same time? Yes, you can. For every device sold, five trees are planted and five kilograms of plastic waste are fished out of the sea.

3. delicious wine

A delicious sustainable gift always goes down well. Whether you are invited to dinner or want to give your loved ones a delicious wine as a gift. With Kromer wine, you’ll not only have a delicious drop with you, but you’ll also be doing something good for the world! When you buy 2 bottles of MK2 Pinot Noir, a tree is planted in Ghana. Cheers!

4. sustainable baby clothes

We mustn’t forget the little ones in our sustainable gift ideas! ORGANIC by Feldman combines mindful designs with super comfortable organic clothing. To this end, the Water of Life collection plants a mangrove tree for every item of clothing sold.

5. premium dog dishes

Of course, we have also thought of our faithful four-legged friends in our sustainable gifts! Pommy Box Premium food contains the right amount of nutrients to ensure that they also eat healthily. So that you can give your favorite dog something tasty.

With a total order value of 120 €, a tree will also be planted on top. The great thing is that it doesn’t matter whether the €120 is paid in one order or several orders over a longer period of time.

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6. vegan cookbook

The way to the heart is still through the stomach! Bring a little more color into your loved ones’ lives with the vegan cookbook “Fleischlos Glücklich – Keine große Kunst” by Sandra Dusza.

In the cookbook you will find 75 delicious dishes that will make every heart beat faster.

7. hydroponic herb garden

That’s a great name, isn’t it? But don’t worry, because a hydroponic herb garden is simply a small indoor garden. Give your loved ones their own garden and encourage them to grow flowers, herbs and plants. The cool thing about the system is that the water is stored and the plant is automatically supplied with water. Yaaay, the killing of plants has now come to an end!

8 Kilou, the little koala

Of course, little environmental fans are also happy to receive sustainable gifts. The stories of Kilou, the little koala, are a great way to make children aware of environmental problems. Topics such as bee mortality, melting ice, water shortages and waste pollution are explained in a playful way.

9. protective mask – but Make it Fashion

Masks are not a fast fashion, of course! These protective masks are now part of our everyday lives. Make your loved ones happy with a cool, reusable and EU-approved mask. Because we all need them. The coolest thing about the mask – SWANA plants a tree for every second mask sold. The perfect sustainable and practical gift.

10. concrete fires

Fancy a romantic starry night with a fire? Surprise your partner or loved one with this cool concrete fire. You don’t have to cut down any trees to keep the fire burning, you can simply throw wax (or wax scraps) into the fire.

11. bamboo toothbrushes from Baumfrei

Not all sustainable gifts have to be luxury items – how about an essential and plastic-free everyday item? These bamboo toothbrushes from Baumfrei save a ton of plastic waste and look super cool too! All the more reason to shine.

12. design your own cap

Let your creativity run wild and design a hat or triangular scarf for your loved ones. Whether big or small, Elke’s tailoring has something for everyone. Of course, the items are not made from just any fabric, but from fairtrade organic cotton, fairly traded of course.

Eco-friendly experiences as cool sustainable gifts

What if your partner or loved one is already a sustainability pro? No problem, because sometimes the best gifts in the world are time spent together. Here are 8 activities to surprise your loved ones.

1. forest bathing

Forest bathing is a special kind of bathing and has nothing to do with getting wet. This gift brings you into nature and also has many benefits for your health.

Leave your cell phones at home and relax in nature. Forest bathing is all about simply switching off and being in harmony with nature. Pssst…the whole thing costs you nothing! And it doesn’t get any more sustainable than that!

2. plan a picnic

Contrary to popular belief, picnics are not just for the summer. These can also be great fun in the colder months.

Just grab your loved ones, a couple of camping chairs, hot soup and a thermos flask filled with delicious mulled wine – and you’re ready to go.

3. book a vacation

You don’t necessarily have to leave the national border for a vacation. Explore your immediate surroundings through the eyes of a tourist. Spend a night in a hotel or cozy cabin near you with your loved ones. So it really does feel like a short vacation – someone else can clean up.

If you book via the B’n’Tree link, you automatically plant a tree on your trip.

4. cooking together

They say that the way to the heart is through the stomach. So how about a cooking course for you and your loved ones? You don’t even have to leave the house, because there are countless online cooking courses that will teach you how to cook delicious meals.

It is also particularly sustainable if you go to the weekly market together beforehand and buy the products you need from your region.

5. plant a tree for your loved ones

We’ll go out on a limb – ahhh, so fresh here – and say that you haven’t given away a tree yet. Let’s change that! Because trees are a great gift: not only do they bring joy to the recipient, they also save our planet!

6. houseplants – survival course

Okay, let’s be honest: how many plants do you already have on your conscience? We all know someone who just isn’t a good plant owner. For people who don’t have green fingers, there are great online courses that teach you how to keep your houseplants alive.

7. foraging together

Another fun way to spend time together is to take part in a local foraging course. Not only will you get to know the local mushrooms, but you will also explore new areas and learn more about regional wildlife.

8. cozy evening with board games and cards

Do you and your family have a favorite board game? How about playing cards? Choose a date where you can get together with your loved ones and have a fun evening. Think up drinking games that everyone can join in and don’t forget that Monopoly is just a game…

Give sustainable gifts and save the planet

What do you think of our environmentally friendly activities and products? Have we forgotten your favorite?

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Have fun shopping and thank you for your support of sustainability and planting trees.