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Sustainable travel made easy

1 simple hack. 3 reasons for this.

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Sustainable travel is the new buzzword for all backpackers and globetrotters out there, whether they are traveling for a day or a year. Everyone wants to travel responsibly and sustainably, protecting both local people and the environment.

Sustainable travel is the new buzzword for all backpackers and globetrotters out there, whether they are traveling for a day or a year. Everyone wants to travel responsibly and sustainably, protecting both local people and the environment.

But sustainable travel, especially international travel, can be a challenge. But none that you can’t master. And we know you’re clever, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

First of all, we would like to explain what sustainable travel actually means and the easiest way to do it.

We make sustainable travel easy. For you and everyone who loves to discover our wonderful planet.

Sustainable travel – the definition

Before we look at sustainable travel, let’s first take a look at the definition.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines sustainable travel as follows:

That sounds like a daunting task for someone who really just wanted to go on vacation and discover new places and cultures.

We have decided to make sustainable travel easy for everyone. So we also need a definition of sustainable travel that is easy to understand.

Sustainable travel – the simple definition

Because the official definition sounds quite unwieldy, we have our own version of the definition:

This means: Don’t harm the environment. Do not harm animals. Do not harm the people whose country you are visiting.

If you’re a great person (we know you are), you can go one step further: instead of just not harming anyone, you can do something for both nature and the locals with your trip!

Why aim to have no effect when you can even have a positive effect?

<h2″>Sustainable travel made easy

We know that our definition sounds simple, but the task is still huge. That’s why we developed our travel tool B’n’Tree. When you book your next business trip or annual vacation, go to first and we’ll plant trees for you – free of charge!

And not just one. For every booking!

Let’s assume you’re going on a ten-day vacation. We could plant a tree for you if you book your flights through Skyscanner, another tree for the rental car you found through Expedia, two trees for two separate hotel bookings on and another five trees for excursions you buy through TripAdvisor.

That’s ten trees for ten days’ vacation! One tree per day of your vacation. That’s pretty good!

Also interesting: If you want to know how it all works behind the scenes, read our article: The B’n’Tree Green Business Model Revealed.

Why planting trees makes travel more sustainable

All right, we’ll plant trees for you. But does that alone make your trip sustainable?

To be completely honest: The most sustainable solution would be to stay at home and plant trees anyway.

But of course we know that you want to travel and sometimes have to. So planting trees while traveling is the second best solution.

Looking at the UNWTO definition of sustainable travel above, it mentions economic, social and environmental impacts. Planting free trees with B’n’Tree covers all three of these effects:

The economic impact of planting trees

Click A Tree employs local people to help with the reforestation of their land. We pay our employees fair salaries, which are often their first steady full-time wage.

In addition, the local communities have full rights of use to the trees they plant. If they plant fruit trees, they can harvest the fruit. When it comes to trees for timber, they can sustainably harvest firewood or building material (for example, by cutting one branch at a time rather than felling the whole tree).

In addition, communities benefit from the advantages that trees bring, such as the return of wildlife (or fish in the case of mangroves) to the area. These can be hunted or water cycles can be restored to help irrigate farmland.

You can find out more about our projects in our article Planting trees in Ghana.

The social benefits of planting trees

Planting trees initially looks like an environmental measure with little social impact. On closer inspection, however, one quickly realizes that all life depends on trees. Their social impact therefore cannot be ignored.

Of all the social impacts of tree planting already mentioned in the economic impact section, job creation is the most important. These newly created full-time jobs enable people to send their children to school, get them off the streets and save them from child labor or worse.

In addition, we teach the youngest generation that planting trees and protecting the forests instead of cutting them down creates a sustainable income for the whole family. In this way, all future generations will protect the trees they have planted with full conviction.

The environmental benefits of planting trees

You probably know that planting trees helps to offset CO² emissions and thus combat climate change, as trees store carbon. Trees also restore water cycles, protect smaller plants and prevent soil erosion.

Trees are also a valuable habitat for thousands of wild animal species, some of which are endangered. We have already mentioned that almost all life depends on trees, and animals are no exception. Almost all land animals would disappear from the earth without trees.

As you can see, traveling sustainably not only gives you the good feeling of doing good. It is actually changing a lot of things around the world for the better.

Why B’n’Tree is the best solution for more sustainable travel

B’n’Tree is the best solution for sustainable travel because it’s so easy. You make just one more mouse click while booking your trip and you have planted a real tree.

It won’t cost you a single cent to take part. When you book hotels, flights and day trips from, we take care of everything else to plant the trees.

It really only takes that one extra mouse click.

You could say it couldn’t be better, simpler or cheaper!

Is tree planting the ultimate solution for sustainable vacationers?

In short: no. If you really want to travel responsibly, there are of course a few more things to consider. This includes buying locally, respecting local customs and traditions, reducing waste to a minimum and leaving no garbage behind.

Once again, simply put: don’t be a douche. It’s not that difficult.

It’s a good start to begin your travels at Let us know what else you do to travel more sustainably. How can you optimize sustainability on the go and minimize your ecological footprint?

Share your best tips for sustainable travel on Facebook so that we can learn from each other and travel even more sustainably together.

Thank you for being so committed!

It only remains for us to wish you a safe journey. Stay as great as you are and send us photos! (Don’t forget to tag @clickatree on Instagram).

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