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Tree planting to promote customer loyalty and feedback

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How we encourage participation in surveys

trans-o-flex and Click A Tree are writing a joint success story: the feeling of actively doing something good, namely planting a tree, encourages customers to take part in customer surveys.

This gives trans-o-flex valuable insights and at the same time helps the environment and the people in the Click A Tree project countries.

Ein Zustellfahrzeug von dem Logistikdienstleister trans-o-flex. Davor ist ein Paketzusteller mit einer Sackkarre und darauf drei Paketen zu sehen.

Continuous improvement through customer feedback

The future-oriented logistics company
trans-o-flex has recognized that customer feedback is invaluable.

Quarterly customer surveys enabled the company to obtain direct feedback on its services in order to respond quickly to customer concerns and make continuous improvements.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, trans-o-flex initiated an impressive tree-planting campaign. Taking part in the surveys created an opportunity to do something meaningful for the environment. In collaboration with Click A Tree, two trees were planted for every response. Over 2,600 trees have been created in this way.

However, this initiative goes beyond simply planting trees. trans-o-flex decided to plant additional trees for every new customer or business expansion in order to further strengthen its commitment to the environment.

There are now just under 4,000 trees in the trans-o-flex forest.

Holistic commitment to sustainability: Successful implementation for long-term success

Click A Tree supports all sustainability goals of the United Nations. Through their reforestation projects, they not only help to improve the climate, but also create sustainable jobs and promote biodiversity.

The joint efforts of both companies show that sustainability and corporate success can go hand in hand.

The partnership between Trans-o-flex and Click A Tree is a shining example of how companies can not only improve the world around them through their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, but also build a strong bond with their customers.

By contributing to a sustainable future, they set standards for the entire industry and inspire others to follow their example.