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An unexpected but meaningful collaboration

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Außenansicht des modernen Bestattungsinstituts namens 'Wellborg'. Das Gebäude hat eine Fassade aus rotem Backstein mit weißen Fugen und ist mit großen Fenstern versehen. Über dem Eingang ist der Name des Instituts in großen, blockbuchstabenähnlichen Metallbuchstaben angebracht.

This is how memories and sustainability can be combined 

In an unexpected collaboration, Click A Tree and Wellborg Funeral Home have created a meaningful connection that not only protects the environment, but also provides comfort and remembrance.

The funeral home, which has been providing sensitive and empathetic support to mourners for decades, was looking for new ways to offer the bereaved a very special way to honor their loved ones.

At the same time, the institute endeavored to make a positive contribution to environmental protection  and to promote sustainability.

This is where Click A Tree came into play – together they developed an innovative concept: since then, trees have been planted for the deceased to honor their memory and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to the environment. 

The collaboration between Click A Tree and the funeral home has shown how two seemingly different areas – coping with grief and protecting the environment – can be harmoniously combined.

By working together, they have created a sustainable way of preserving memories and making the world a better place at the same time.

Almost 500 trees have already been planted and almost 500 kilograms of plastic removed from the oceans