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11 little-known reasons why we plant trees in the tropics

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What do you think of when you imagine trees in the tropics? Palm trees with a view of the sea? A huge piece of tropical rainforest? Probably a faraway place, very different from what you can see outside your window.

So why is Click A Tree focusing its efforts on the tropics? Why don’t we plant here in Germany or Europe? The answer is: We would like to carry out large-scale reforestation here in Germany, but…

There are good reasons why we invest time and effort in the reforestation of the tropics. Those from which we all benefit worldwide.

In this article, we explore 11 reasons why tropical reforestation is important and makes sense on a global scale.

1. reforestation of the tropics combats global climate change

Every tree planted contributes to climate protection. NASA estimates that tropical forests absorb 1.4 billion tons of harmful CO2 every year¹, which is about 2/3 of the CO2 produced by EU countries. This shows that the reforestation of the tropics is having a global impact.

Fact: Trees in the tropics grow very quickly because they do not need a winter break. By providing tropical trees with the right conditions to grow into forests, we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our planet’s atmosphere in our immediate future.

2. planting trees in the tropics makes a big difference to local communities

A reforestation project must be well planned to be successful. Trees need constant care and attention in order to grow. At the same time, they should provide further value to the local community to ensure ongoing support.

At Click A Tree, we are aware of this fact. Our project in Ghana, for example, integrates syntropic agriculture. This means that our growing forests also serve as plantations, producing crops that the locals can eat and sell.

In this way, planting organizations create a substantial income for the local community and benefit the environment at the same time.

Your contribution makes a real difference – every tree you plant becomes part of a sustainable community project that provides jobs and educational opportunities in a country where these are rare.

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3. we can plant more trees in the tropics

The financial planning of our projects is carried out with great care to ensure that we can plant as many trees of native varieties as possible. And which also offer the most ecological and economical advantages.

Fact: Planning and bureaucracy cost less in the tropics than in Germany. This gives us more money to pay our local employees well and plant trees that benefit the environment!

4. trees are more than a livelihood – they are a way of life

Farming and making a living from nature has been a way of life for countless generations for people in countries such as Ghana and the Philippines.

Economic factors, climate change and past political unrest have plunged many into poverty. Planting trees with Click A Tree helps local communities to restore their way of life.

In Ghana, every tree planted becomes part of a plantation that supports an entire community. This means that for local people, this is not just a 9-5 job, but the basis for an entire way of life.

5 Invest in the future – opportunities beyond reforestation

In areas where jobs are scarce, the opportunity to make something of yourself is valued above all else. It enables local people to build a future for themselves and their families.

For this reason, organizations that plant trees in the tropics do more than just let things grow in the ground.

In Ghana, the trees you plant support a local school for entrepreneurs, where young Ghanaians learn how to write business plans, conduct market research and find ways to market their products. There is no better gift than giving someone a future!

Fact: By planting treesin the tropics, you can support 16 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

6. plant trees in the tropics to combat desertification

We’ve all seen the headlines: Desertification is spreading as tropical forests disappear at an alarming rate, cut down to feed cattle or grow crops for export abroad.

We will not go into these topics in this article. The most important thing is that we can do something about it!

Fact: Trees prevent soil erosion, while helping to conserve soil nutrients and restore the water cycle.

Planting trees restores vital life support in drought-affected regions, supports sustainable ways of growing crops and actively combats desertification.

7. trees provide clean water for communities

Trees have an important water storage and purification function, as they absorb rain through their leaves and then slowly release it through their roots over time.

The roots stabilize the soil and provide much-needed moisture, which helps to grow food crops for the community.

Forests absorb heavy rainfall, prevent flooding and supply clean water through their roots.

8 Timely reforestation prevents climate migration

Climate migration occurs when a country can no longer feed its people due to climate change. Drought, followed by flooding, has already affected many countries around the world.

Trees help to prevent climate migration in two ways: they stabilize the soil, prevent erosion during dry periods and regulate nutrient runoff during heavy rainfall.

Combine this with their ability to absorb harmful CO2 to combat climate change and you have a superhero!

Fact: With every contribution that enables us to plant trees in the tropics, we can help to prevent climate migration.

9. plant trees in the tropics to save wildlife

The tropics are home to 78% of all animal and plant species on earth. Some are threatened with extinction and most are found in and around forests.

Because here they find shelter, water, food and places where they can raise their young. Just one wonderful tree like the baobab can make a big difference in the right place!

A single baobab tree provides life support for many animals and offers shelter, food and water in dry regions. With your help, we can plant more baobabs!

10. reforestation of the tropics protects the coasts

Mangrove forests form a vital barrier that protects endangered coasts from tropical storms. The roots of the trees prevent coastal erosion, while the forests themselves provide important protection for both animals and humans.

That is why we are dedicated to projects in the tropics, as well as our project in the Philippines.

With your contribution we can plant trees to plant more mangroves and strengthen this beautiful island.

11. mangrove forests support entire communities

Mangrove forests also play an important role in the economy of these islands. They not only protect important cultivation areas inland, but also provide a habitat for marine life.

For locals like Wilson Gastanes, the reforestation of the mangroves has restored a way of life they thought they had lost forever.

One of the reasons we plant trees in the tropics is because they make a real difference to people’s lives! How reforestation prevents climate migration: Read Wilson’s story here.

Why we plant trees in the tropics

The reason we plant trees in the tropics is because we have the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives and the environment.

By planting trees in the tropics, we can prevent climate migration, reduce poverty and give young people a future.

Seriously, projects that plant trees in the tropics can make a real difference in the world in a way we can hardly imagine here in Germany.

Fact: With your help, tropical reforestation can effectively prevent climate migration, reduce harmful CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere, provide shelter for endangered animals and create a future for workers and their families.

This makes a tree a gift worth giving!