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Fridays For Future: Action instead of talk

3 Easy ways

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Dear Fridays for Future followers and supporters, as you have probably noticed yourselves over the past few months, it is extremely difficult to get politicians to save our planet for us.

Dear Fridays for Future followers and supporters, as you have probably noticed yourselves over the past few months, it is extremely difficult to get politicians to save our planet for us.

To ensure that we still have a planet worth living on in the future, we must take action ourselves.

That’s why today we’re showing you three very simple ways you can take action – in addition to continuing to strike, of course.

What is the Fridays for Future movement?

Fridays for Future is a global movement initiated by pupils and students. Instead of going to school on Fridays, they are protesting so that the world’s governments finally take the climate crisis seriously and act decisively.

These young people are worried that everything they learn will be of no use as long as they don’t have an intact home planet.

The movement began in August 2018 with the Swede Greta Thunberg and has since established itself worldwide.

Here’s a short video of Greta herself explaining why she’s on strike and what her proposed solution is.

On March 15, 2019, Fridays for Future activists in over 100 countries around the world went on strike.

On September 20, 2019, many millions of people around the world took part in the biggest climate strike of all time.

Of course we were there. Here is a short, 30-second video from Frankfurt.

The biggest challenge for Fridays For Future fans

The biggest challenge for Fridays for Future fans is their demand that politicians must make a difference.

Unfortunately, it is often not an easy process to bring about political decisions.

Therefore, our best chance is to act ourselves.

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Three simple options to do something good for our planet

Most days are perfect for saving our planet. The best day of all, however, is today.

To put it in the words of a very wise man:

Here are 3 simple ways you can do something good for our planet today.

1. install Gexsi or WWF Panda Search as your internet search engine

Gexsi¹ and WWF Panda Search² are Internet search engines like Google. With one decisive difference: 100% of all income remains under a charitable umbrella, and the majority of the income is invested in social and/or ecological projects.

Roughly speaking, you could differentiate by saying that Gexsi places more emphasis on social projects and Panda Search supports more ecological projects.

Gexsi and WWF Panda Search are completely free of charge for you as a user.

Install one of the two search engines as your default Internet search engine right now – and share the link with friends or even your school or university. The more people who use useful search engines, the better.

Here you can find more information about the two search engines as well as numerous other tips on how you can have trees planted for free.

2. use B’n’Tree for all travel bookings

B’n’Tree is like Gexsi and Panda Search, but for travel bookings.

Whenever you, your family or your friends are planning a trip: start booking on A tree is planted for every completed booking – again completely free of charge for you.

The trees are paid for from the marketing budgets of the world’s largest booking platforms, including HRS, Expedia, Skyscanner, Hostelworld and many more. is now also planting trees!

As we all know that travel can harm the climate, we have put together over 100 tips in our Green Travel Guide on how to make travel more sustainable.

Take a look at them. Most of the tips not only protect our planet, but also save you money.

And with B’n’Tree, too: The more people who use it, the better, because the more trees are planted. Share B’n’Tree with your friends, classmates and family!

3. give meaningful gifts

Since we all share the same planet, a planet-friendly gift is the best gift of all, right?

So next time you’re giving gifts, whether for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions: Why not give trees?

With Click A Tree you can plant trees at the click of a mouse. Not only are they much better for our planet than most other gifts, they also last much longer.

Is there a special occasion coming up soon or do you just want to surprise your loved ones? Then plant a tree for them:

Of course, it also works the other way round: if you are allowed to make a wish, for example for graduating from school or university, tell people you wish for trees.

This will make our planet a better place for all its inhabitants on many levels.

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Why is planting trees the best solution for Fridays for Future supporters?

Do you wonder why we attach so much importance to planting trees?

Of course, there are numerous other options for helping the planet, such as avoiding waste, reducing your ecological footprint or buying fair trade products.

And yes, every single one of these points is also important.

We have focused on planting trees because it helps our planet on various levels.

Trees combat climate change

First of all, trees store carbon and regulate water cycles. They are a great weapon in the fight against climate change – Mother Nature has perfected them over hundreds of millions of years.

And finally, we at Fridays for Future are fighting against this climate change, right?

Trees are habitats

Secondly, trees provide a habitat for billions of creatures, from tiny insects to giant mammals.

These animals also need our help because they have little habitat left.

What is even worse is that they unfortunately cannot stand up for themselves. That is why they need our help.

Trees help us humans

Thirdly, trees also help us humans.

In countries such as Thailand or Kenya, people receive a fair full-time salary for planting and caring for trees.

And we here in Germany benefit from trees whose shade we can sit in, whose fruit we eat and whose wood we use to make furniture and paper.

For these reasons, we can think of no more useful weapon in the fight against climate change than trees.

And you?

If you would like to know more: Here you can find all the information you need on the ecological and social benefits of planting trees using our example project in Ghana.

Let’s go, Fridays for Future fans!

The most important thing for our planet is: get started!

As Greta said:

Don’t be intimidated by the complexity of the overall problem. Start with the three steps listed here, and then we’ll see.

And another very effective option: Share this article with as many people as possible! The more people who start to act today, the better.

And then, one day, the politicians will also act.

Together we are strong. On Fridays – and on all other days of the week too.

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Your Click A Tree Team

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