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St. Ottilien: A forest restaurant that plants trees

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The traditional Freiburg restaurant St. Ottilien is also taking part in Food for Future. In future, a tree will be planted for every portion of a monthly changing dish sold.

In future, a tree will be planted for every portion of a monthly changing dish sold.

Eating out and doing good. Sustainability has never been so delicious.

Here we explain exactly how this works, why it is extremely valuable and how you can be part of it.

About St. Ottilien: Tradition meets foresight

The St. Ottilien forest restaurant has been in existence for over 500 years. And perhaps it is precisely this centuries-old tradition that has shaped our understanding of sustainability.

After all, the team has by no means had enough and plans to remain a popular excursion destination for Freiburg residents in the middle of a green oasis for the next 500 years.

And to ensure that the area around the traditional forest restaurant remains so wonderfully green, the St. Ottilien team will also be involved in Food for Future in the future, planting trees diligently.

Why a forest restaurant plants trees

Now St. Ottilien is already in the middle of the forest. So why exactly should you plant trees there?

The answer is simple. On the one hand, the team at St. Ottilien knows the value of an intact forest.

And secondly, they do not plant the trees on their own doorstep, but in tropical Ghana.

On the one hand, this restores habitats for endangered animal species and, on the other, creates valuable full-time jobs for people in a less privileged region of the world.

And we all know that trees absorb CO2 and thus slow down climate change anyway.

Where exactly on this planet these trees are located is not so important, as climate change is a global issue.

The advantage of planting trees in tropical countries in this context is that the trees can grow much faster here, as they do not have a winter break.

As a result, more CO2 is absorbed more quickly – extremely valuable when you consider that , according to the unanimous opinion of 11,000 scientists, we have just this one more decade to stave off irreversible damage from global warming.

And that’s right, this decade has already begun. We are already in the all-important twentrees.

How you can be part of Food for Future thanks to St. Ottilien

If you would like to join in and plant trees while eating out: Nothing could be easier:

  1. Just visit the St. Ottilien forest restaurant(map).
  2. Order your Food for Future.
  3. And you’ve already planted a tree.

This is not only extremely easy, but also extremely tasty!

If you want to go one step further, post a photo of yourself with your food on social media, linking to both St. Ottilien and Click A Tree.

Oh, and: If you have already eaten today, or are not currently in the Freiburg area, then simply share this article with friends and acquaintances who live in and around Freiburg.

Via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or e-mail. Or via all five channels – that would be even cooler, of course.

In this way, you can contribute to a better world with just a few mouse clicks.

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Feedback on St. Ottilien and Food for Future

In fact, people’s feedback on St. Ottilien’s participation in Food for Future has been consistently positive so far. This is also reflected in the steadily rising sales figures for the monthly changing dish.

And this is shown by the resulting press attention, such as the above-mentioned mention by or the article in the Freiburg city magazine Chilli.

But more importantly, what do you think about the campaign? Do you like the idea?

Let us know what you think – we look forward to any feedback!

Plant a tree right now?

If you would like to plant a tree right now and stay up to date on who else will be joining Food for Future in the near future, then simply sign up for our newsletter.

It costs nothing – and we plant a tree for each new member, whose growth you can follow and to which you can give a name.