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Successful implementation for ecologically and socially responsible hotel management

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Minimal effort. Maximum effect.

Sustainability can be implemented so easily in hotels:

Simple implementation of sustainability goals through tree planting

Together with Click A Tree, the Hotel Halm in Constance has already planted over 3,000 trees in Ghana and the Philippines.

The collaboration also supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainability in the hotel: a wide range of options for implementation with Click A Tree

In recent years, the hotel industry has increasingly focused on sustainable measures to minimize its environmental impact and reduce its ecological footprint.

A pioneering success story that underlines this commitment to environmental friendliness is the decision by Hotel Halm in Constance to plant a tree in Ghana and the Philippines for every room cleaning service saved.

In addition to planting trees, two entrepreneurial schools are thus co-financed and kilos of plastic are fished out of the oceans.

The positive response from guests was reinforced by the integration of Click A Tree.
Guests not only appreciated the hotel’s environmentally friendly initiative, but also felt that they were actively involved in making a positive contribution to the global environment.

The collaboration with Click A Tree enabled Hotel Halm to leave a lasting impact not only locally but also globally.