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Click A Tree review

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Click A Tree has planted over 120,000 trees and created forests in the past 2 1/2 years because of amazing people like you supporting us in this important mission. We have already achieved a lot, but you know that we are far from finished.

We want to plant one million trees by 2022! And you can help us!

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6 ideas for your evaluation

If you have already used / eaten Click A Tree or B’n’Tree or Food for Future yourself, this can of course be the main component of your review.

If you’re not quite sure what to write in the review – we’re particularly proud of these 6 points.

Our holistic sustainable approach

Trees not only absorb CO2 and combat climate change, they also create habitats for endangered species and full-time jobs for people in less privileged regions of the world, help fight poverty and hunger, create new opportunities and much more.

You can find details in our article on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our simple processes

The Simplicitywith which so much can be achieved: Either planting trees from the comfort of your couch via clickatree.comfree of charge with every trip thanks to bedandtree.comor, of course, when shopping with our partners – for example, over 100 restaurants are now involved in our “Food for Future” program: eating out and doing good – sustainability doesn’t get much tastier than that, does it?

Our transparency

Via our newsletter, our website and our social media channels, we regularly share pictures, reports and updates on the development of the projects – how many new trees have been planted, how many jobs have been created, what is happening away from the trees (e.g. in the entrepreneurial school in Ghana, which is also co-financed by the tree plantations) etc.

The diversity of our projects

The trees in Ghana co-finance a business school to improve local educational opportunities, in Thailand a rescued female elephant lives in the project, and in the Philippines we collect 1 kg of plastic from the ocean for every tree planted. So you don’t have to decide in which area you want to do something good – with Click A Tree you do something good in all areas.

We share our knowledge with you

All the good tips on how you can make your life even more sustainable in the simplest way. Both on our blog and via our newsletter or social media channels.

Our team

Our great team, which is always available by email, social media and telephone if you have any questions.

You are of course free to decide whether you would prefer to rate us in German or English.

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