The 10 Coolest Eco-Friendly and Fun Winter Activities 2021

December 22, 2020
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The choices for fun summer activities seem endless: playing sports outside, meeting your favorite people for a sundowner after work, going to the local swimming pool, or having a picnic under a shady tree.

Ugh, summer, we miss you already! But while we wait for you to come back, we’ll just enjoy the colder months with these eco-friendly and super fun winter activities. 

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5 Eco-Friendly and Fun Winter Activities for Inside

Sometimes the best way to enjoy winter is from the inside out. Schedule some quality time with yourself or your loved ones and try out these 5 fun winter activities.

1. Unleash your inner child with some good old crafting.

Fortunately, you don’t even have to research or break your head over what to craft because Kristin has done the work for us. Check out her amazing collection of green crafting ideas.

Eco Friendly Winter Activities 2020 Crafting

The best part: All crafts are made from recycled materials, making your crafts affordable and eco-friendly. 

Pssst…You won’t even have to hide your empty wine bottles any longer because you can create cool things with them as well. (And yes, preparing sufficient crafts material is of course highly important… cheers!)

2. Season of Giving

How about using your time to do something nice for others? Random acts of kindness are truly special (+ they will boost your mood as well).

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If you’re not sure what could brighten someone’s day, Michele Tripple has created a wonderful list filled with easy acts of kindness. Here is a sneak peek of the random acts of kindness list:

3. Puzzle Your Way Out of the Winter Blues

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles? No? Neither have we. It doesn’t surprise us though, since it is a very nice pastime that you can share with other family members as well.

Eco Friendly Winter Activities 2020 Click A Tree Puzzle

One of the benefits of puzzling together is that it offers a great opportunity to share some quality conversation time with your loved ones. These 39 inspirational and motivational tree quotes give you enough stuff to talk about.

Joe Flanagan’s tip to make puzzling an eco-friendly winter fun activity, is to buy second-hand puzzles and exchange them again for a new one. That way you’re sharing in the fun while staying on a budget.

If you do this with a group of friends, the variety grows and it is double the fun when you share your achievements!

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4. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Soaps

Shenika Davis‘ tip for a fun winter activity is to make your own eco-friendly soaps. It’s a perfect sustainable activity because you put your personal touch on an everyday item everyone needs. And the whole family can join in on the fun as well.

Eco Friendly Winter Activities 2020 Click A Tree Soap Bars

There are a host of easy to follow recipes online using household essentials. Add some holiday fragrance oils like cinnamon, cranberry or peppermint and you have an awesome gift for the holidays, birthdays or just because days.

5. Learn to Play an Instrument

The winter months give you the perfect opportunity to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do but never have time for. Simon Buckner reminded us of one thing we all have on our bucket list: learn to play a musical instrument.

Most adults have always wanted to learn how to play the piano, or guitar, or learn to sing. If you’re trapped inside with the winter blues, why not pick up a new musical hobby?

Don’t have an instrument at home – think outside the box like the people in this video: 

Share this article with your friends and invite them over for a winter activity date.

Since we’re talking about winter and eco-friendly, check out these 15 seriously cool and sustainable gifts, before we continue with the next 5 eco-friendly and winter fun activities – those for outside.

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5 Eco-Friendly and Fun Winter Activities for Outside

Even though snuggling up on the couch with a hot chocolate or mulled wine sounds like the perfect winter activity, it will probably get boring quickly.

Adventures aren’t only reserved for summer, so put on your winter coat and get ready for a good time with these 5 eco-friendly and fun winter activities for outside.

1. Go on a Snowshoe Hike

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors in the middle of winter, snowshoe hiking can be an absolute joy to experience. Trudge through packed snow with ease while observing the wildlife all around you.

Eco Friendly Winter Activities 2020 Click A Tree Snow Show Hike

For Sara Bernier it’s the perfect winter experience: it’s fun, unique, and eco-friendly all wrapped into one exciting package!

2. Build a Bug Hotel

In a couple of months, winter will be over and our little bug friends will be coming out of their hiding places. Michael suggests using the colder months to get prepared for spring by building a bug house aka insect hotel.

Eco Friendly Winter Activities 2020 Click A Tree bug hotel

You can use materials you find in a forest or park for this. Don’t forget to reward yourself and your helpers with a cup of hot chocolate.

Not sure how to go about building a bug hotel? Here is a simple guide

3. Scavenger Hunt Your Way Through the Neighbourhood

Jamie Hickey and her family love to go for hikes and see how the landscape changes during the winter months. You’re able to see different aspects of the environment since the leaves have fallen. 

Eco Friendly Winter Activities 2020 Click A Tree Scavanger Hunt

To make it more interesting you can create a scavenger hunt to find items like twigs, acorns, or bark. This winter fun activity will also keep the young ones entertained.

As a bonus activity, you can later use the items you find during the scavenger hunt for crafts.

You can also use a geocoaching app – making the scavenger hunt a big surprise for the whole family.

4. Sledding Isn’t Just Fun for Kids

Torben Lonne, who is a proper adult (we have checked), also thinks that sledding is the perfect fun winter activity.

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It’s not only a good cardio exercise every time you run up the hill for another round, but it is also completely free.

It’s an exciting and sustainable activity for people of all ages and one that can only be done during the winter months, so why miss that opportunity?

5. Long Walks Followed by a Hot Chocolate

Sustainable living is about slowing down and making conscious choices. Therefore, the perfect winter fun activity for Vega Sims is to go for long walks and take in your surroundings.

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It’s also a cheeky excuse to have a nice hot chocolate to warm up when you come back! And while you’re sipping on your hot beverage, read this hilarious and exclusive Santa Interview.

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Wishing you a wonderful winter time!

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